Marian University to Launch Safety App with Indoor Positioning Technology

by Mark Apple | Aug 15, 2017

911ShieldMarian University is launching 911Shield, a new safety app for the campus community which includes technology that can accurately locate individuals who are in distress, even when they are inside a building. Marian University becomes the first institution of higher education in Indiana to launch a safety app of this kind.

“Although the Marian University campus is a safe place, we are always looking for ways to further enhance our suite of safety services,” Ruth Rodgers, dean of students, said. “We’re excited about launching the 911Shield app because it provides our campus community with greater access to safety resources.”

The primary function of 911Shield is to serve as an emergency communication tool between the university community and campus police. The 911Shield app offers four major features — emergency calling, submit a tip, safety check and the student handbook/emergency procedures.

The emergency call feature allows users to access emergency services at the push of a button. Instead of relying solely on emergency poles, which are fixed into place, the campus community can now signal for emergency assistance 24/7, from anywhere on and off campus, with just a push of their cell phone.  The user will be immediately connected with the Marian University Police Department (MUPD) if on campus. Campus police are also automatically provided the user’s location and any profile information, such as a photo and any medical history that the app user chooses to share. If the user is not on campus, the app can still be used, and the caller is routed to the closest 911 call center.

The submit a tip feature, which may be used anonymously, allows users to send text messages along with photos and videos directly to campus police for non-emergency situations.

The safety check feature is a peer-to-peer safety service which allows app users who want additional safety to assign a group of friends to look after them during activities of higher risk, such as while jogging alone or walking on campus late at night.

Chad Salahshour, an active law enforcement professional and founder of 911Cellular, the vendor which worked alongside Marian University on the app said, “Indoor positioning technology is the next level of emergency services and will dramatically change how responders can react to situations. We are honored to equip the Marian University campus community with this advanced safety technology.”

“We are excited to launch this service as we believe it is an excellent enhancement to the strong safety measures that are already in place here on campus,” Scott Ralph, MUPD chief of police, said.

The application is available for free on both Android and iPhone devices.

About Marian University Indianapolis

Marian University (, founded in Indianapolis in 1937, is the only Catholic liberal arts university in central Indiana. It serves a student body of nearly 3,000 through dedication to excellent teaching and learning in the Franciscan and liberal arts traditions. Marian University is one of Indiana’s 31 independent colleges and one of 244 Catholic colleges and universities nationwide. Since 2001, Marian University has been led by President Daniel J. Elsener, whose vision and leadership are transforming the university. In 2013, Marian University opened the Michael A. Evans Center for Health Sciences, home to its College of Osteopathic Medicine. Marian University has amassed 35 national championships in cycling, captured the NAIA Football National Championship in 2012 and 2015, and won the NAIA Women’s Basketball Championship in 2016 and 2017.

About 911Cellular

911Cellular is the technological leader of smartphone-enabled public safety communications tools serving universities, schools, hospitals, municipalities and other large institutions. Founded and led by active law enforcement professionals, the company leverages advanced technologies and law-enforcement and safety data to develop solutions that save lives and reduce enterprise costs.

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