Achievement Awards Recognize Outstanding 2016-17 Students

by Susan Sullivan | Apr 25, 2017
Marian University Outstanding Senior in Communication Gabrielle (Gabbie) Fales
Gabrielle (Gabbie) Fales was named the 2016-17 Outstanding Senior in Communication. She was one of nine students nominated for the Alumni Association's Distinguished Senior Award and was named to Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. Gabbie is from St. Louis, where she will return after graduation to serve as events and communication manager for the Pujols Family Foundation.

Students, alumni, family members, friends, and faculty gathered in the Marian University Theatre Sunday, April 23 to recognize dozens of outstanding student accomplishments during the 2016-17 academic year.

The ceremony was part of the university's 41st Annual Student Achievement Awards. More than 150 undergraduate and graduate students were honored for exceptional performance in academics, athletics, campus ministry, student life, and other categories with about 60 awards and recognitions made. 

Nearly 30 student-scholars were also acknowledged for their inclusion in "Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities."

The event was followed by a reception in Alumni Hall. Music was provided by the university's saxophone quartet.

Academic Awards


Art Department Award of Excellence

  • Mary Grace Feeney
  • Jennifer Marvel

The Sister Dolorita Carper Award of Achievement in Art

  • Hannah Carpenter

Outstanding Senior in Communication

  • Gabrielle Fales 

Outstanding Senior in English

  • Lydia Godsil

First-Year Writing Award: ENG 101

  • Julia Robson

First-Year Writing Award: ENG 115

  • Camille Comet

The Thoreau Award for Excellence in Writing

  • Lori Arend

Goethe Institute Book Award for Students of German

  • Allison Hering, Freshman
  • Logan Murray, Sophomore
  • Amelia Brandt, Junior
  • Phillip Rogier, Junior

Senior Award for Outstanding Achievement in Spanish

  • Marshall Kellenburger

The Alliance Francaise d’Indianapolis Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Study of French

  • Daniela Alvarez

Sister Mary Carol Schroeder Memorial Award

  • Elizabeth Hilt

The Sister Adele Zahn Award for Excellence in Humanities

  • Christopher Anderson
  • Rebecca Doyle
  • Kegan Main
  • Laura Mascari
  • Charles Wessel

Senior Award for Outstanding Achievement in Music

  • Shelbi Berry

Joseph N. Hingtgen Distinguished Senior in Psychology Award

  • Jillian Charboneau
  • Kameron Utter

Theatre Department Senior Service Award

  • Sarah Hunter

Theology Award

  • Kristin Hauser
  • Luke Messmer

Philosophy Award

  • Christopher Trummer

The Senior Biology Recognition of Excellence Award

  • Christopher Anderson
  • Anna Dudley

The Purichia Recognition of Excellence in Biology Award

  • Troy Hale
  • Jack Ravotto

American Institute of Chemists Award

  • Grace Neathery

The Sister Mary Rose Stockton Excellence in Chemistry Award

  • Abigail Burnett
  • Kristen Buss
  • Alex Card
  • Kyliegh Crary
  • Ruthann Gorrell
  • Laura Haunert
  • Jenna Hedlund
  • Sarah Hershberger
  • Adam Lesniak
  • Matthew Morand
  • Clara Reasoner
  • Adam Shuder
  • Rachel Smith
  • Morgan Stricker
  • Htoo Thu
  • Kate Timmerman
  • Hagar Weinstein
  • Victoria Yagodinski

Outstanding Achievement in Engineering

  • Gregory Konkle


Financial Executives International Award

  • Mackenzie Dailey

Henry K. Engel Accounting and Finance Scholarship

  • James Catanzarite

Donald A. Fleming Family Accounting and Finance Scholarship

  • Laurel Rathbun

The Sister Laurita Kroger Award

  • Olivia Kalscheur

Ken Elmendorf Outstanding Graduate in Business Administration

  • Patrick Sanders

Ken A. Elmendorf Scholarship

  • Dominic Dippel

Joseph P. Greenlee Accounting Endowed Scholarship

  • Austin Ginther

Geraldine and Robert Decraene Scholarship

  • Michael Blankman
  • Therese Miller

Becher Family Accounting Endowed Scholarship

  • Kristen Layman


Senior Award for Outstanding Achievement in Elementary Education

  • Grace Morrison

Senior Award for Outstanding Achievement in Secondary Education

  • Elizabeth Hilt

Outstanding Junior in Elementary Education  

  • Erin Rosebrough

Outstanding Junior in Secondary Education

  • Claire Husting

Academic Achievement Award for Service to Those with Exceptional Needs

  • Elizabeth Coleman

Academic Achievement Award for Outstanding Student in Exceptional Needs Education

  • Lindsay Miller

The Rosanne Pirtle Kindergarten Award

  • Brice Laigle

Indiana Association of Colleges for Teacher Education Outstanding Future Educator Award for Elementary Education

  • Amanda Wintrow

Indiana Association of Colleges for Teacher Education Outstanding Future Educator Award for Secondary Education

  • Anna Potter

Academic Achievement Award for Service to English Language Learners

  • Brenda Gutierrez

Master’s Award for Outstanding Achievement in Elementary Education

  • Martyna Sataite

Master’s Award for Outstanding Achievement in Secondary Education

  • Richard Walke

Master’s Award for Outstanding Achievement in Exceptional Needs Education

  • Sara Kroll

Indiana Association of Colleges for Teacher Education Outstanding Future Educator Award Master’s Level

  • Catherine Shook


Nursing Academic Excellence Award: Traditional Program

  • Jane-Claire Turner

Nursing Academic Excellence Award: Accelerated Program

  • Courtney Fenwick

Nursing Academic Award St. Thomas: Nashville

  • Brittany Jarrell

Nursing Academic Excellence Award St. Vincent: Indianapolis

  • Courtney McClendon

Nursing Leadership Award Traditional Program

  • Felicia Hunter


Outstanding Senior in Exercise Science

  • Emily McNulty

Outstanding Senior in Sport Performance

  • Jordan Jackson

Co-Curricular Awards

Marian University Aspiring Leader Award

  • Cameron Acheson
  • Marta Morris

Dean’s Award for Outstanding Leadership

  • Bridgette Antolin         
  • Robert Gibson
  • Patrick Sanders
  • Kayla Wagoner

Student Government Association Leadership Award

  • Christopher Anderson

Resident Assistant Distinguished Service Award

  • Robert Gillmore
  • Megan Good

Athletic Academic Awards

M-Club Senior Scholar-Athlete Awards

  • Daniel Albert
  • Grace Neathery

Global Citizen Award

  • Maggie Verhiley

Campus Ministry Awards

Missionary Character Award

  • Michael Botta
  • Holly Champagne

Rich Worship Award

  • Olivia Kalschuer
  • Luke Messmer

Education for Justice Award

  • Taylor Marshall

Franciscan Values Award

  • Kristin Hauser

Diana and John Sweany Maid and Knight of Marian Memorial Spirit Award Nominees


  • Dionne Elsener
  • Maddie Heidenreich
  • Elizabeth Hilt                             
  • Anastacia Kirby (winner)
  • Jenna Sullivan


  • Christopher Anderson 
  • Robert Gibson (winner)
  • Kameron Utter

Alumni Association Awards

Distinguished Senior Award

  • Jessica Conrad
  • Gabrielle Fales           
  • Lydia Godsil
  • Anna Huntine
  • Allyson Milby
  • Grace Neathery
  • Patrick Sanders
  • Kameron Utter (winner)
  • Kayla Wagoner    

Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities

  • Christopher Anderson
  • Jessica Armacost
  • Mark Berghoff
  • Michael Botta
  • Holly Champagne
  • Khirston Chan
  • Jillian Charboneau
  • Zachary Deitch
  • Rebekah Dickerson
  • Dionne Elsener
  • Gabrielle Fales
  • Kenneth Fallon
  • Chrislyn Fite
  • Eliot Forrest
  • Susan Foss
  • Thomas Foster
  • Lydia Godsil
  • Brenda Gutierrez
  • Eva Haas
  • Kristin Hauser
  • Sarah Hunter
  • Anna Huntine
  • Marshall Kellenburger
  • Dan Lake
  • Laynie Mason
  • Mia McRoy
  • Luke Messmer
  • Allyson Milby
  • Lindsay Miller
  • Grace Morrison
  • Bridget Schlebecker
  • Kameron Utter
  • Hannah Williams
  • Amanda Wintrow
  • Victoria Yagodinski



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