MU-COM Holds Second Annual Memorial Service for Donors’ Families

by Katie Bradley | May 11, 2016

Faculty, staff, students, and the loved ones of those who gifted their bodies to medical education and science came together for the second annual donor memorial service at the Michael A. Evans Center for Health Sciences on Saturday, April 30.

“Members of the Marian University College of Osteopathic Medicine (MU-COM) community cherish this opportunity to honor the selflessness of our donors and their loved ones,” said Tafline Arbor, Ph.D., director of anatomy laboratories and assistant professor of anatomy at MU-COM. “It is a moment in which students, faculty, and staff may directly express our profound appreciation and respect to the loved ones of our donors through music, community, and reflection. One of the many gifts our donors provide is to directly improve the lives of countless individuals for generations to come through the performance of our doctors in training.”   

The memorial service included spiritual reflections, musical performances, and a reception where students and faculty could interact with the families of donors and express their gratitude.

“The donor memorial service is one of the most personal and meaningful events of the Marian University academic year,” John Shelton, campus minister for MU-COM, said.

The program for the event included a letter from the medical students to the donors. In the letter, students wrote, “You gave us a sacred gift…of mystery…of discovery…of life…you gave beyond your death so that we may learn what it meant for you to live…”

 If you are interested in bequeathing your body to medical science in the state of Indiana, you may do so through the Indiana Anatomical Education Program housed at Indiana University School of Medicine. You can learn more about the process and requirements on the website.

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