Meet the Staff: Cathy Siler ‘86, Director of Alumni and Parent Engagement

by Julia Kelb | Feb 25, 2016
Cathy Siler

Although Cathy Siler started her role as director of alumni and parent engagement in mid-December, Marian University has been a part of her life since before she was born—her parents met on campus! A graduate of Marian University herself, Siler now has two daughters and a niece attending the university.

A typical day for Siler varies. She can be found planning and executing events including homecoming, the annual alumni basketball game, and class reunions. She also coordinates with class reunion committees and works with two boards, the Marian University Alumni Association, and its Central Indiana Chapter. Siler’s favorite part of working at Marian University is being able to connect with all those who love Marian, from students to alumni and parents.

Q & A with Cathy Siler

Q: Can you describe the change from the Office of Alumni Relations to Office of Alumni and Parent Engagement?

A: The change was a philosophical one, rather than just a name change. We recognize that there are many ways that our alumni can be involved with Marian University – serving on discussion panels, boards, and committees; assisting our students with their job searches by reviewing resumes or participating in mock interviews; and employing our students and our graduates. They can also encourage their families and friends to consider Marian University. This will require coordination and outreach, and the Office of Alumni and Parent Engagement is the best place for that to funnel through. The most significant change was the removal of the fundraising component from the job description. That gap was filled with the emphasis on engaging parents as well as alumni. Parents can do all the things I mentioned that alumni can do! Our alumni, parents and students can be some of our best advocates in the community!

Q: What do you like to do in your spare time? 

I love spending time with my family, walking, camping, and playing games.  On my own, I’m a puzzle nut. Word puzzles, number puzzles, no matter. I’m a pretty big nerd.

Q: What is one of your favorite memories as a student at Marian University? 

A: Walking to Preston Safeway on the one day that classes were cancelled for snow to get ice cream! (After we went to the cafeteria in our pajamas.)

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