Meet the Faculty: Bruce Gonyea, Assistant Professor of Management

by Julia Kelb | Dec 03, 2015

Bruce GonyeaAfter more than 20 years working with large firms in the United States and abroad, Bruce Gonyea settled in Indianapolis to be closer to family. Gonyea’s family encouraged him to look into teaching at Marian University, and he was immediately attracted to campus because of its Franciscan heritage, strong community, and small classes.

After holding an adjunct position for the first two years, Gonyea became a full-time assistant professor of management this past fall (2015). Gonyea received a master of business administration from Boston University (1991) and has held senior management and advisory positions in the financial services industry in various places across the globe, including China, Singapore, Korea, France, and England.

Q & A with Bruce Gonyea

Q: What classes do you currently teach?

A: I teach Introduction to Management, Corporate Finance, International Finance and Investments.

Q: What is one lesson you learned while working abroad?

A: The world is an incredibly diverse place with many fascinating cultures and traditions from which we can all learn. It is important to keep an open mind and be willing to try new things. Once you start travelling and seeing new places, it sort of becomes addictive. You will want to experience more and more. Curiosity is a great character trait.

Q: Do you have plans to go abroad in the future?

A: I am always looking for opportunities to travel abroad, and so should all of our students! Outside of Marian University, my consulting work sometimes takes me to other places. Earlier this year, I spent three weeks working on a project in Argentina, which was a first for me and very exciting given everything that is happening their politically. I also still do quite a bit of work with people in Asia and Europe. Lastly, I happen to be married to a wonderful Australian woman, so we regularly travel there.  

Q: What are some tips for seniors as they search, apply, and interview for their first jobs?

A: “Experience” is great, but “Experiences” are what enable people to connect. In addition to their studies, I would highly recommend our students strive to build a portfolio of experiences. Travel whenever and however you can, try different sports and food, take part time jobs or internships in different industries. Be a sponge and soak up as much as you can. When you are green you can grow, when you are ripe all you can do is rot.

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