Make the Most of Your Campus Tour

by Katie Bradley | Nov 24, 2015

College is a choice that matters. It helps define who you are and who you will become. And the campus visit is crucial in deciding which college is the best fit for YOU.

We've created a visit that shows you what we have to offer and what your life at Marian University would be like. The campus tour is a part of each student's visit and we want to make sure you get the most out of it. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you come to campus: 

Start here. 

This is Marian University: a distinctly Catholic university in the Franciscan tradition. 
Our campus is an eclectic mix of new and old. Your tour begins at the Wheeler-Stokely Mansion, the former estate of Frank Wheeler (one of the four founders of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway). Learn more about the university’s ties to the greatest spectacle in racing

Your guide will be a current student; so, come with questions.


This is the perfect opportunity to learn what campus life is really like. Why did they choose Marian University? Have they studied abroad? How do they spend their weekends? Students are a great resource for information about the university. 

And, be prepared for some embarrassing questions from your parents. 


They love you. They’re worried about you. They’re going to miss you. And let’s face it, you probably want to know the answers to all of their questions, anyway.   

Catch a glimpse of where you’ll live.  

Yes, it’s great to see the library, the classrooms, and the dining hall; but you really want to see where you might be living next year. Your tour of Doyle Hall (home to nearly all incoming freshmen) includes a look at common areas, a walk down the halls, and a peek into one of the rooms. Think lofted beds, spacious desks, and the possibility of friendships that will last a lifetime. 

And look for the San Damiano Cross. 

As a Catholic and Franciscan university, our faith is ever present and visible in the fabric of our educational philosophy and in the artwork throughout our campus. The San Damiano Cross is featured in the Bishop Chartrand Memorial Chapel in Clare Hall and in classrooms and offices across campus. It represents St. Francis' journey with Christ.   

If you see this man, stop and say hello…Actually, he’ll probably beat you to it.


President Daniel J. Elsener loves nothing more than meeting with students, prospective students, and their families. As president for nearly 15 years, parent to seven Marian University graduates, and grandparent to one current student (so far), he can speak to a whole host of questions you might have about the university. His enthusiasm is contagious! (No, we're not sure why there is a fake dog in this picture.)    

Keep in mind that your learning will also happen beyond campus.


Marian University is passionate about serving the greater Indianapolis community and that passion stems from our founders, the Sisters of St. Francis, Oldenburg, Indiana. Students serve the community through curriculum (student teaching, nursing clinicals, special writing projects, etc.) and through campus ministry programs like STARR (Students Taking Active Reflective Roles) and Alternative Break

Appreciate the location.

Marian University is right in the heart of it all—a beautiful, wooded campus just ten minutes away from vibrant downtown Indianapolis, a high-energy hub of business, government, and entertainment possibilities. You don’t have to sacrifice security and serenity to live in and experience the big city. You can have both at Marian University. 

Picture yourself here. 


College is a choice that matters. It helps define who you are and who you become. As you peek in classrooms and walk through the student center, imagine it is you studying with friends, taking notes, walking to class. Do you see yourself here? Now is the time to find out if Marian University has what you’re looking for. 

Note the greenery.

And we’re not just talking about the trees. Marian University is committed to responsible stewardship and we are always looking for ways to be sustainable. New buildings are built for it (The Michael A. Evans Center for Health Sciences is LEED Gold certified) and programs like the Institute for Green and Sustainable Science (IGSS) engages in the study of sustainability through research, education and outreach.  

Experience your future here. 


Take the next step. Join us. Make this your own. We can’t wait to call you a Knight! 

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