Why Should You Study Abroad?

by Katie Bradley | Oct 13, 2015

Students looking to study abroad during their time at Marian University have many options, including: Maymester, semester and summer programs, and Harlaxton College. To learn more about study abroad opportunities, attend the Study Abroad Fair on Thursday, October 22 from 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. in the Ruth Lilly Student Center. 

In the meantime, we asked students who have studied abroad why they would recommend it and here’s what they had to say:

“It changes your whole perspective of the world.”

Plaza de España

Anna Huntine ’17, an elementary education major and Spanish minor, wanted to travel to a Spanish-speaking country and be immersed in the culture and language. Last summer, she studied abroad in Seville, Spain, where she honed her language skills and learned about architecture, art, and traditions like bull-fighting and Flamenco dancing.

“My world broadened. Study abroad gives you the chance to step out of your comfort zone, try something new, explore famous sights, meet new people, and increase language ability. It shows you the infinite number of opportunities that there are in the world,” said Huntine.

“It is a once in a lifetime experience that can help you learn so much more than you can just in the classroom.”

Wyanaad (India 2015) 077

Quinton Horne ’16, a business management and Spanish major with a minor in global studies, always wanted to study abroad because he loves traveling and meeting new people. Last spring, he spent a semester in India, immersing himself in the religions, economy, and politics of India.

“I learned plenty of lessons in the classroom, but what I learned about people and what I learned about a culture other than my own are things that will take me much further in life. I learned how to communicate, how to be a leader,” said Horne. “I couldn’t even quantify everything that I learned, I just know that this experience helped me grow spiritually and intellectually and has made me a better person overall.”     

“Each day abroad was something new and exciting.”

Helen Flynn

Helen Flynne ’18, a nursing major, always dreamed of going to Ireland. So, when she came to Marian University, she planned her pre-requisites for the nursing program to allow for it.

“People were surprised that with nursing, I would take a semester to go abroad, but I think that it will make me a better nurse. I learned a lot about people. Study abroad was the absolute best decision I ever made,” said Flynne.    

“When I am abroad, I feel the most alive—the mystery of discovering a new city, trying new cuisine, making a new friend, and learning from different cultures.”

Alan Guillen

Alan Guillen ’16, an English and French major, has traveled to four countries during his time at Marian University. He’s taught French in France and English in China, with plans to travel again in the current academic year. This summer, he traveled to China to teach conversational English to students at the Jilin Medical College.

“Probably the most important benefit I have gained while being abroad is getting to know who I am. By placing myself in cultures different than my own, I not only questioned the actions or beliefs of the people who surrounded me, but I also began to question my own culture and beliefs. I have found that I have grown through this comparing and contrasting process by embracing the qualities of my culture that I find positive and trying to change or understand the negative aspects,” said Guillen.

“It allows you to learn the ropes of traveling without being put out on your own.”

Grace_Sexton 1

Grace Sexton ’16, an art and art therapy major, has experienced two “Maymesters” during her time at Marian University. Through these team-taught, summer courses abroad, Sexton has traveled to Spain, Italy, and Greece, exploring architecture, culture, and holy sites that connected to her minor in theology.

“I have learned a great deal about art history, architecture, the creation of art, how the humanities apply to us, and how our world has grown in reaction to some of these things as well,” said Sexton. “In addition, I’ve learned very valuable skills for future independent travels and now feel far more comfortable with exploring new places and fully immersing myself in the culture.     

To learn more about study abroad opportunities, contact Wendy Westphal, Ph.D., director of study abroad, at wwestphal@marian.edu

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