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Input Sought on the Role and Responsibilities of Director of Alumni Affairs

by John Armitage | Nov 27, 2012
Bob Golobish, vice-president of marketing and communication at Marian College, sets up a blog seeking input from alumni on the future direction of the Office of Alumni Affairs.  
On Thursday, May 14, Bob Golobish, vice president for marketing communications at Marian College, set up ablog seeking input from alumni on the future direction of the Office of Alumni Affairs.   In the blog, Golobish stresses the importance of alumni input in selecting the new director, who will report to him. “There is no question that this is an important moment in the institution's history and at this juncture it seems appropriate to seek input from others and to re-evaluate the role and responsibilities of director of alumni affairs before selecting someone for the position,” Golobish says. On Saturday, June 27 at 10 a.m. Marian College will celebrate changing its name to Marian University.   Golobish also highlights Marian College’s longstanding goals of 1) elevating the institution’s academic stature, 2) creating a more vibrant campus, 3) being more Catholic and Franciscan, and 4) raising the money necessary to accomplish the first three. “With these goals in mind, looking to the future, I would like to see more effort put into fundraising, recruiting students, and helping students succeed,” Golobish says. He urges alumni to share their thoughts on how alumni can help achieve these goals.   All are encouraged to comment on the blog until it closes in mid-July; the blog provides an excellent opportunity for alumni to help shape the future direction and leadership of the Office of Alumni Affairs.

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