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Social Media Policy

The Office of Marketing Communications (MarCom) manages Marian University's brand identity and coordinates the production and dissemination of marketing communications materials in collaboration with others across the university. MarCom works with others on campus to ensure that all communications serve the university's mission and goals. 

Social media is personal interaction and communication that uses highly accessible and scalable technology tools such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. It also includes blogs and personal websites. At this time, MarCom administers the university's official presence on these social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, and YouTube.

Marian University faculty, staff, and students should observe the same professional and behavioral standards online and when using social media as they would in person.


Guidelines for All Social Media Usage, Including Personal Sites

  • Think before you post. Even with strict privacy settings, information posted to social media sites should not be considered private. If you would not say something in public, do not post it online.
  • Be civil and respectful, and never post vulgar, obscene, defamatory, or libelous remarks. You can be held legally liable for comments you make online.
  • Read, follow, and obey the Terms of Service for all social media tools.
  • Do not post confidential and proprietary information. Faculty and staff must adhere to all Marian University policies and procedures, as well as federal standards such as FERPA and HIPAA.
  • Be respectful of copyrighted and trademarked information, including Marian University logos and marks. This extends to the intellectual property of the university and that of the faculty, staff, and administration who work for it.
  • Be transparent and authentic. Never create fake profiles. If you identify yourself as a Marian University faculty or staff member online, make it clear that your views are your own and are not necessarily representative of the university. 

Guidelines for Institutional Social Media Usage

Although MarCom maintains the official university presence on several social media sites, you may find that your school, department, or program is better served by creating and maintaining its own site. Both will provide their own advantages and responsibilities, so consult with MarCom if you have questions and concerns. If you post on behalf of the university, any department or school guidelines must be followed in addition to the guidelines listed above. 

  1. Get approval from your supervisor, director, or dean and from MarCom before creating an official social media presence.
  2. When posting online, acknowledge that you are representing Marian University.
  3. Only schools, departments, offices, and programs may have an official Marian University social media presence. Individuals may not create an individual presence for their university position.
  4. Provide access to the appropriate university officials. MarCom should be granted administrative access to all Marian University social media sites. In some circumstances, additional access may be granted to the supervisor, director, dean, or human resources.
  5. When naming your site, use official names and not pseudonyms (e.g. "Office of Undergraduate Admission" rather than "Admissions"). Use "Marian University" in the name and, if possible, identify your location as Indianapolis. On some social media sites you may need to abbreviate, but please include the full name and location of the university within the description. Consult with MarCom if you have any questions about naming.
  6. Regularly monitor postings on all social media sites where you have a presence. Respond when appropriate, but never engage in hostile exchanges. Remove comments that are vulgar, obscene, defamatory, or libelous. Notify MarCom if such comments appear on your site.
  7. Post relevant and timely information. Abandoned pages are hotbeds for spam. If you no longer want to operate your site, please disable or delete it.
  8. Verify that all information is accurate before you post. When mistakes are made, retract or correct them immediately.
  9. Do not use official Marian University sites to promote a personal agenda.
  10. Use the Marian University logo for official sites. Do not alter any Marian University logos or insignia. Consult with MarCom or refer to the Institutional Identity Guidelines about how to use Marian University logos and insignias.
  11. When possible, link back to the Marian University website.
  12. Read, follow, and obey the Terms of Service for all social media tools.

The Marian University website will not link to any social media site that does not adhere to these guidelines. Marian University also reserves the right to disable and/or report any social media site or page that does not follow these policies or the Terms of Service as described by the entity. Any faculty or staff member's failure to follow these guidelines may result in discipline, including termination.

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Brad R. Wucher
Vice President of Enrollment, Marketing and Communications
(317) 955-6307
Wheeler-Stokely Mansion, Room #1

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