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Harlaxton College
May 5 to 18, 2017

Marian University will once again be taking off to experience contemporary life in England this coming May 2017 with four exciting courses to choose from:

BUS 380 The Modern British Service Economy is an innovative course dealing with the British business community and strategic business concepts.  This multidisciplinary course will compare and contrast the service economy as it exists in England with that of the United States, as well as issues in history, political science, language, culture, and religion.  Students will participate in site visits in England, some with a strong cultural or historical context, to aid in the development of their understanding of the service sectors in Britain.  

HUM/HIS/SOC 380 British History and Culture is a multidisciplinary course in which students will have the opportunity to explore the mysteries of the past, as they intertwine with the 21st century. An important aspect of this course is an attempt to answer the question: “What does it mean to be British?”  Questions of national and cultural identity permeate British society.  This course juxtaposes old and new as well as tradition and change in the context of ever-changing life in Britain.  The course will enable students to understand the present as a product of the past, and understand the past, as it is mediated through the present.

NUR 380 Caring, Healing, and Self Discovery through the Arts and Nursing is a course which is restricted to students who have successfully completed a clinical nursing course.  The course will be taught as a pilgrimage in a broad, spiritual sense.  An opportunity to study the concepts and principles of art and science essential to caring, healing and self-discover, students will explore historical and cultural contexts for healing including works of art, healthcare settings, healing gardens, and sacred spaces.

EDUC 380 British Education and Career Preparation is intended to expose Marian teacher education students to the British system of education. Comparisons between the U.S. and British schools will be considered related to school culture, discipline, curriculum, administration, and post-graduation outcomes. However, more than simply investigating the British approach to education at the pre- and post-secondary level, the course will challenge you to consider the impact of that system on career pursuit and preparation by citizens. To accomplish these goals, students will visit private and public schools and universities, including professional soccer academies, in urban, suburban, and rural settings. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to speak with citizens to understand their views of the educational system, the strengths and limits of the British model, and satisfaction with its role in their career choices. 

Click here for the Application for Admission to Harlaxton College
  • Students will need to depart the US on May 4 to arrive at London’s Heathrow Airport before 10 a.m. London time on the 5th to catch the coach to Grantham.
  • Each of the courses has an estimated cost of $2,800.  This cost includes tuition as well as room and board.   Rooms will be shared throughout the course.  Students will be responsible for their own food costs while in London.  Accommodations will be at Harlaxton College outside of Grantham, England for the first eight nights and in London for the remaining five nights.  These costs can be covered by financial aid if you qualify.  Students can also apply for a special McKinney travel grant of $500.
  • Final cost will be determined by mid-March.
  • Air fare is not covered in the cost of this trip nor is it covered by financial aid.  Students arrange their own flights based on times convenient for them.  They are encouraged to travel on the same flight with the Marian professors or travel in groups. 


  • Submit application for passport or passport renewal – soon. Passport must be obtained by mid-February. Failure to do so will result in administrative removal from the course.  Passports must be valid for at least 6 months beyond May 31, 2017.
  • February 3 – Application and $500 deposit due.  Due to class size limitations, enrollment will be based upon date of deposit.  Deposit will be applied to your student account and will partially pay room and board charges. Deposit check should be payable to Marian University and the deposit is not refundable. 
  • February  – Passport, Liability releases, health insurance coverage uploads.  All students participating in the May 2017 Harlaxton courses are required to upload copies of their passports, a signed Marian University liability release, and proof of health insurance coverage to the specially designated CANVAS site.
  • March  – A complete list of all student travel arrangements will be due to Marian University.
  • May 4 - fly to London’s Heathrow Airport.
    • Students meet at a pre-designated location within Heathrow Airport on May 5 at 10:00 a.m. London time.  Airport arrival time must be well before 10:00a.m. All students will be expected to meet at London’s Heathrow Airport for coach pick-up at 10 a.m., unless other arrangements have been made and confirmed with Dr. Mirola.  Contact information for Marian professors will be provided.
  • Thursday, May 18- earliest date to return to USA.  Feel free to extend your time in the United Kingdom or visit other European countries prior to your return.
  • Italy Trip-Students have an option for an additional four-day, three-night trip to Florence, Italy as an add-on to the Maymester experience.  This trip would shift the earliest return date to the US to Sunday, May 21th  or Monday, May 22nd depending on the flight times

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