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Religious Art


OLPH Crucifix

Located in the Our Lady of Perpetual Help Chapel.

San Dam Cross

The San Damiano crucifix hangs in both the Bishop Chartrand Memorial Chapel and the St. Francis Chapel.

St. Joe Crucifix

This crucifix adorns the St. Joseph's Chapel


There are multiple Mary statues placed around campus. Mary is everywhere from the shrine to her in the Tea Garden, to Marian Hall, to some of our chapels. These statues of Our Mother remind us that she is watching over us, much like our own earthly mothers look after us.

Mary Mary Shrine

Stained Glass

All of our chapels have beautiful stained glass windows. These windows depict various themes. The windows in the St. Joseph's chapel depict different saints and holy people who are important to our university. Our Lady of Perpetual Help's windows are of St. Francis and Clare. Those in the St. Francis chapel and the Bishop Chartrand Memorial Chapel are comprised of different shapes and colors. 

Stained Glass OLPH
Stained Glass St. Francis
Stained Glass BCMC
Stained Glass St. Francis

Saint Francis


This image of St. Francis and a leper takes the whole wall of the Evan's Center. It reminds us to serve all people, especially those who are seen as outcast of society.

St. Francis

This statue of St. Francis can be found in the chapel named for our patron. It is a constant reminder of the Franciscan heritage of this university.


The Saint Francis Colonnade is one place that you can find yourself in worship in nature. Situated near the entrance of the Ecolab, the Colonnade is a perfect place to immerse yourself in the beauty that St. Francis loved so much.

Religious Paintings

BCMC Guadalupe

Our Lady of Guadalupe is depicted in this painting in the Bishop Chartrand Memorial Chapel. Here you can lift up your prayers to Mary.


These paintings can be found in the Evans Center, as a reminder of our values. As a Franciscan university, we value the dignity of the individual, peace and justice, reconciliation, and responsible stewardship.

Mary Painting
St. Joe painting

These two paintings of Mary and of Joseph and Jesus, depict the Holy Family in a way we don't always think of. We see Mary as the teenager she was and Joseph teaching the young Jesus his carpentry trade. These images are located in the St. Joseph's chapel.


This work entitled "Christ the Teacher" shows Christ at the center of the teaching on campus. Closest to Jesus are His disciples for whom he taught directly, but we too are in the art as He teaches us as well.


This image of the Nativity of Our Lord provides the campus with the depiction of the Lord's birth. Made of stone, this image is located outside of Alumni Hall.

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