Ruth Lilly Health Education

excited to learnThe Ruth Lilly Health Education has provided innovative and engaging programming for more than two million participants since 1989.

Our mission is empowering youth and adults to make choices that lead to positive changes in Hoosier health. All of our programs align with national and state academic standards for health and wellness.

Morgan County Schools Program Participants 

  • We’ve designed our programs to meet or complement both Indiana and national health
    education standards. And we’ve tailored our approach to engage and enlighten students.
  • Our educators use fun activities, engaging video content, and even virtual reality to augment their
    lessons. Most importantly, our educators give students a voice and a chance to be heard. Download or view all of our health education program guides.
  • No matter the topic, we’re always working to support youth in their journey to successful adulthood.
    We support teachers, too: We work to make sure our programs fit within their curriculum goals, and
    we provide them with materials and resources to reinforce what we’ve taught. Download our brochure for schools and educators.
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Our programs actively engage participants. "Food For Thought" brings nutrition education to life with the use of virtual reality technology. 


We empower K-12 teachers and students. "Stepping Toward Peace" reinforces skills in conflict resolution, communication, and building healthy relationships. 


Our programs are aligned with state academic standards. Accurate, scientific, and relevant health information is provided in order to promote a deeper understanding of and appreciation for the wonder and complexity of the human body. 

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