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In keeping with the tradition of Marian University, the Academy incorporates the Franciscan sponsorship values that are the cornerstones of our university into all its endeavors:

Dignity of the Individual
Rooted in the belief that every individual has the right to live and should have the opportunity to maximize the value of life, the Academy works to affirm the inherent value of all.

Responsible Stewardship
Undoubtedly, the need is there for a move toward a more equitable educational landscape.  Ready to fill that need, The Academy infuses a heightened sense of urgency to prepare transformational teachers and leaders intent on sharing their talents and gifts with all.

Peace and Justice
By not settling for the status quo and working to end the inequities that exist in the realm of education, the Academy lives out this value. 

This value calls on individuals to not only be aware of suffering and inequality, but to act upon them to reconcile those issues for society. Herein lies the heart of the Academy.  We feel that we cannot settle for the traditional approach to leadership and learning. That method has been tried and found wanting. Instead, the Academy is creating an approach that targets the systems that surround education. We work toward accomplishing this through the transformational process of defining and developing educational leaders that may change the systems that have too long challenged the notions of fair and just. 

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Contact us at aprice@marian.edu or (317) 955-6128.

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