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How to Apply

Complete the graduate application to apply for the:

  • Building Level Administrator (BLA);
  • Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership;
  • Indianapolis Teaching Fellows (ITF);
  • Master of Arts in Educational Leadership (MAEL);
  • Master of Arts in Special Education (MAED);
  • Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT);
  • Master of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis (M.S. in ABA); and
  • Transition to Teaching (T2T) programs.

Complete the non-degree application to apply for the:

  • Applied Behavior Analysis course sequence (ABA), or
  • Special Education Preparation (SPED Prep) programs.

Admission Requirements

The Marian University Academy for Teaching and Learning Leadership accepts outstanding individuals who have a passion for improving the educational experience for all students in need and a deep commitment to making an impact in the world—as educators, researchers, policymakers, and service-minded leaders of character and integrity. This program combines hands-on opportunities with academic rigor in order to facilitate strong acquisition of knowledge, skills, and dispositions need to become a successful educational leader.

The admission process for successful candidates will be conducted in three phases:

  1. Completion of an application;
  2. Participation in a 30-minute phone interview;
  3. In-person at Marian University in Indianapolis, Indiana. 

Interviews will be by invitation only. Not all candidates will be asked to complete every phase of the application process.

For ​application information

Helen Buckley
Associate Director of Graduate and Online Admission
(317) 955-6​400

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