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Online Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Courses

Whether or not you wish to pursue your Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA) or Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) credential, ​Marian's online ABA training courses will provide you with knowledge, skills, and abilities in the area of behavior analysis you need to advance your career.​


Core ABA Courses

Marian’s fully online ​core ABA courses will equip you with the ability to effectively address challenging behaviors. Successful completion of this Verified Course Sequence meets Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) coursework requirements to sit for an exam to pursue either the BCaBA or BCBA credential.

ABA course content verification

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Applied Behavior Analysis Course Descriptions

  • SPD 650: Behavior Analytic Concepts and Principles (3 credits)

  • SPD 652: Adv. Behavior Analytic Principles and App (3 credits)

  • SPD 654: Behavior Assessment and Change (3 credits)

  • SPD 656: Ethical Practice of Behavior Analysts (3 credits)

  • SPD 658: Verbal Behavior Foundations and Design (3 credits)

  • SPD 660: Experimental Design and Data Analysis (3 credits)

  • SPD 662: Personnel Development and Management (3 credits)

  • SPD 663: Child Development and Behavior Analysis (3 credits)

  • SPD 665: Behavior Analysis and Exceptionalities (3 credits)

  • SPD 667: Consultation and Collaboration in Educational Settings (3 credits)

  • SPD 669: Special Education and Behavior Analysis (3 credits)

  • SPD 671: Advanced Behavior Assessment and Consultation (3 credits)

  • SPD 673: Intervention Identification and Implementation (3 credits)

  • SPD 675: Assessment of Autism Spectrum Disorder (3 credits)

  • SPD 677: Autism Spectrum Disorder Interventions (3 credits)

  • SPD 681: Principles in Practice – Field Experience (3 credits)

  • SPD 683: Principles in Practice – School Experience (3 credits)

  • SPD 685: Principles in Practice – ASD (3 credits)

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