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hil-rom simulation center

Take a Tour of Our Hill-Rom Simulation Center

Our goal is that you as a simulation user feel comfortable in the simulation environment to be able to better participate in your scheduled learning activities. Watch our video below to get a better feel of our lab.

Our Facility Includes:

  • 10 Exam Rooms - w/ 2 cameras and mics in each
  • 4 Sim Labs – Hospital Room with Headwall, multiple cameras and mics
  • 4 Debrief Rooms – with Camera and mic
  • 1 Control Room for Sim Labs – one-way glass windows
  • 1 Control room for Exam Rooms
  • Multiple Storage Rooms
  • Scrub Room
  • IV poles for each Sim Lab

Our Equipment Makes All the Difference

Six adult mannequins

  • One SimMan 3G advanced patient simulator
  • Two SimMan Essentials wireless patient simulators
  • One SimMan ALS basic assessment to advanced life-support
  • One NOELLE® Maternal Birthing Simulator
  • One Harvey The Cardiopulmonary Patient Simulator

Three Pediatrics Mannequins

  • One SimJunior pediatric simulator
  • One SimBaby simulator represents a 9-month-old pediatric patient
  • OneSimNewB newborn tetherless simulator

We also have several task trainers for activities including airway, venipuncture and sensitive exams.

What is a Task Trainer?

Task trainers or partial manikins are lifelike models of human body parts. They can be an anatomical replica of a hand, arm, knee, torso and male or female pelvis. Task trainers are used to teach competency based and procedural skills like airway management, NG tube placement, lumbar puncture, basic life support and IV injection.

Task Trainers are designed to break down a specific physical task into simple action steps and information that help teach the learner biological concepts. Task trainers allow repeated practice of a specific skill building confidence and expertise for real-life situations.

Task trainers may also be used in combination with standardized patients, for what is called a hybrid simulation; which allows learners to practice a skill while at the same time practicing effective communication with a patient.

What is the benefit of task trainers?

  • Repetition of a specific physical task allows the learner to develop both confidence and proficiency.
  • Learners can practice invasive procedures without the risk of injury to a patient.
  • The learner can make mistakes SAFELY

Our center has a wide variety of Task Trainers available to assist you with your training objectives.

The Hill-Rom Simulation Center in Pictures

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