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Objective Structured Clinical Examination Room Overview

What is an OSCE? 

The Objective Structured Clinical Examination is a versatile multipurpose evaluative tool that can be utilized to assess health care professionals in a clinical setting. It assesses competency, based on objective testing through direct observation. It is precise, objective, and reproducible allowing uniform testing of students for a wide range of clinical skills. Unlike the traditional clinical exam, the OSCE could evaluate areas most critical to performance of health care professionals such as communication skills and ability to handle unpredictable patient behavior.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Where will the OSCE take place?

  • Will I need a parking pass?

  • What time should I arrive for OSCE?

  • What should I review prior to the OSCE?

  • What is the purpose of the OSCE?

  • Who should I contact if I have a question prior to the OSCE?

  • Will I receive an orientation prior to the OSCE and a debrief after the OSCE?

  • How is a Marian Univesity COM OSCE typically structured?

  • What should I do during the OSCE?

  • Will I be expected to do OMM during an OSCE?

  • Any OMM tips?

  • May I discuss the OSCE cases with other students after the OSCE?

  • What is in the chart?

  • How will the patient know my name?

  • Is drug information available?

  • Are abbreviations acceptable?

  • What do I wear to an OSCE exam?

  • What do I bring to an OSCE exam?

  • Students are responsible to provide:

  • Do not bring the following items into the exam room:

  • Will the OSCE be recorded?

  • What is the grading system for the OSCE and when will grades be available?

  • Whom do I ask if I have questions during the exam?

  • How do I access my completed OSCE?

  • Any tips or guidelines for success on the OSCE?

  • What should I include in the SOAP note?

For more information

David Patterson
(317) 955-6277


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