Registration Resources: MUHUB Scheduling and Course Registration

Registration Schedule for Fall 2021

Student year Criteria Registration opens
Senior Students with 94+ earned credit hours Monday, March 15

Students with 62-93.99 earned credit hours

Wednesday, March 17
Sophomore Students with 30-61.99 earned credit hours Monday, March 22
Freshman Students with 0-29.99 earned credit hours Wednesday, March 24
Second degree/ MAP Students with a previously earned bachelor’s degree Monday, February 15
Graduate/ doctorate student Master’s and/or doctoral degree-seeking students Monday, March 15
 Ancilla College campus

Current Ancilla College students continuing at ACMU in 21-22

 Monday, April 19

Scheduling Basics - adds, drops, and wait lists

  • All add/drops will be processed through MUHUB. Paper forms are no longer accepted.
  • If seats are available in the course AND the course never had a wait list, a student can add the course on MUHUB without faculty consent through the end of the add period.
  • If the course had or has a wait list, the course instructor must grant permission to add by emailing ​ and copying the student. Permission granted by an instructor in the MUHUB does not override a pervious or current wait list and does not register the student into a course.
  • Students can also process drops via MUHUB with a ‘W’ grade through the end of the drop period if there are no hold preventing processing. Student should first attempt to complete the drop in MUHUB. In the event the student is not able to process the drop they should contact for assistance with processing. If a student is prevented from adding or dropping due to a balance owed, the student can email the Business Office at

Questions? Explore the links in the expandable menu below. If you have questions after reviewing this information, please contact the Office of the Registrar. 

  • Advising and Student Planning

  • Advising and Student Planning FAQ's

  • Army Reserve Officer Training (ROTC)

  • Audit Grading Option

  • Class Cancellation or Change

  • Classroom Location Key

  • Course Levels

  • Course Load and Overload Approval (19 credits or more)

  • Developmental and Enhancement Courses

  • Pass/Fail Grade Option

  • Schedule Changes

  • Tuition and Fees

  • Waiting List Policy

  • Special Topic Course Offering and Descriptions

  • Course Section Coding

  • Instructional Videos for MUHUB

  • Advisor and Faculty Resources

  • General Education Requirements

  • Person Proxy on MUHUB

  • Course Instructional Method (how the course is taught)

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