Forms, Documents, and Processes

For the health and safety of all, we strongly encourage all forms, documents, and processes to be completed electronically. Some of our forms have been removed. Please see below for details. Contact our office at with questions. 

Assignment and Removal of Incomplete

This form is used to assign an incomplete grade. The student should have completed substantial portions of the course with a current passing grade​ to be considered.

Certification request

  • Undergraduate and graduate students can request verification of enrollment, expected graduation date or a good standing letter by emailing
  • DO students should use program specific forms located on our enrollment/degree verification page.

Change of address/email/phone

Your home and local addresses, personal email, and phone number can be updated in the MUHUB without a form. 

Change of Name or Social Security Number

This form is used to change your name and/or social security number. Please email completed forms to

Change of major/advisor

To update your major, minor, or specialization or to change your advisor, please email Please copy your current/previous advisor and your new advisor on the email. 

FERPA directory non-release form

  • This form is used to block the release of your directory information to be displayed publicly. 
  • This form is NOT used to provide consent for access to your record. If you need to complete a FERPA Waiver to allow a person(s) access to your records you must do so in person at the Registrar's Office (Marian Hall 104).

Scheduling (add or drop)

  • All add/drops will be processed through MUHUB. Paper forms are no longer accepted.
  • If seats are available in the course AND the course never had a wait list, a student can add the course on MUHUB without faculty consent through the end of the add period.
  • If the course had or has a wait list, the course instructor must grant permission to add by emailing ​ and copying the student. Permission granted by an instructor in the MUHUB does not override a pervious or current wait list and does not register the student into a course.
  • Students can also process drops via MUHUB with a ‘W’ grade through the end of the drop period if there are no hold preventing processing. Student should first attempt to complete the drop in MUHUB. In the event the student is not able to process the drop they should contact for assistance with processing. If a student is prevented from adding or dropping due to a balance owed, the student can email the Business Office at

Withdrawal from the University

All withdrawals are currently being processed electronically. If you wish to withdraw from the university, please email with your intent. We will respond to your request with the necessary steps to complete the withdraw process.