Creating a PayPal account

PayPal is used in conjunction with the University printing software (PaperCut) to add funds to your account for printing. For instructions on how to set up your PaperCut account and add funds, please see Adding Funds to PaperCut.

**NOTE** - For your convenience, it is recommended that you create a PayPal account before needing to print. You may choose to create a PayPal account when adding funds to your PaperCut account (see Adding Funds to PaperCut) but this will just be added steps you will have to take when you need to print and could, instead, be avoided beforehand.

1.    Open a browser then go to Click the “Sign Up” button found usually in the upper right-hand corner.

2.    Choose to create a “Personal Account”.

3.    Type in a valid email address (does NOT have to be your Marian email) and create a password. Then, click “Next”.
**NOTE** - Remember your account credentials. ONLY YOU know this. Marian is not responsible for lost or stolen account credentials.
4.    Fill in the following fields with your Name, Address, and Phone Number. Be sure to accept the Agreement then click “Agree and Create Account”.

5.    Add your credit or debit card along with Billing Address. This is needed so that when you go to add funds you will not have to ever enter it again. Next, click “Link Card”.

6.    If any “Special Offers” come up (such as the one below) you may choose to “Skip this  step” and continue on.

7.    A screen may pop up (such as the one below) stating that your account is now set up and ready to use. At this time, you can go to your account if you choose.

8.    Lastly, be sure to check your email you used to sign up for PayPal. You will receive an email from PayPal asking you to confirm your account. This is a necessary step to prove that you are who you are. Be sure to click “Yes, this is my email”.

**NOTE** - Your PayPal account is now set up and ready for use. Before you can add funds to PaperCut, you first must add funds to your PayPal account using the form of payment you entered when signing up.

Add funds to your PayPal account by logging into your account and clicking “Wallet” at the top. Then click the “Add money” link under your balance located on the left side.

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