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Pre-Pharmacy Program | Marian University

Pre-Pharmacy Program: Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Biology with a Concentration in Health Sciences

The pre-pharmacy program at Marian University is an undergraduate educational track that prepares you to be a competitive candidate for admission to pharmacy school after completing your bachelor's degree.

Pharmacists prepare and dispense medications prescribed by dentists, physicians, nurse practitioners, psychiatrists, and other health practitioners. They advise patients about the safe use of prescription medicines, including possible interactions or side effects. They may administer vaccines and immunizations as well as conduct health and wellness screenings. In short, they help people live healthy lives.

There are 136 pharmacy schools in the United States. Nationally, the acceptance rate is approximately 50%. Being a pharmacist can be a rewarding career, but the path to becoming one can be challenging and require personal sacrifices. If the benefits of being able to help people get well and feel better faster outweighs those personal sacrifices, pharmacy may be the career for you. 

Why choose Pre-Pharmacy Studies at Marian?

Our Pre-Pharmacy Program takes the guesswork out of preparing for admission to the pharmacy program of your choosing. Some areas weigh more heavily in the evaluation of an applicant to optometry programs than other areas:

  • Completion of pre-requisite coursework
    • The majority of pharmacy programs will not accept a student if they have outstanding pre-requisites that need to be completed.
    • Students who follow our program complete all pre-requisite coursework by the end of their junior year, before applying to pharmacy school.
    • It is important to note that most pharmacy programs do not require a bachelor's degree. That means, with careful academic planning and general chemistry coursework prior to entering Marian University, you can enter pharmacy school in as little as two years.
  • Pharmacy College Admissions Test (PCAT)
    • Students admitted to pharmacy schools had an average PCAT score of approximately 410.
    • Our curriculum, combined with carefully selected general education requirements, maximizes your exposure to content, problem-solving, and critical analysis covered on the PCAT.
  • Grade Point Average (GPA)
    • Students admitted to medical schools have an average GPA of approximately 3.5
    • Our program of study takes the guesswork out of preparing for the PCAT and pharmacy school admissions so you can focus on your academic success. It is specifically sequenced to gradually challenge you at increasing levels. Additionally, instructors, supplemental instructors, and peer-tutors are available to help you learn.
  • Research Experience
    • Our Research Across the Curriculum model embeds authentic scientific research experience within our core curriculum and the carefully selected pre-requisite courses for pre-medical students, ensuring you will present at a minimum of three Undergraduate Research Symposia during your academic career at Marian University. You will also have the opportunity to work on on-going research projects with College of Arts and Sciences and College of Osteopathic Medicine faculty.
  • Pharmacy Experience
    • By embedding research in the freshmen and sophomore years, students have more time to work as a pharmacy technician in clinical settings in their junior year.
  • Letter of Recommendation
    • You will work closely with teaching and research faculty, building the strong personal relationships that are necessary for strong letters of recommendation.

What will I study?

Sample four year plan Checklist


  • One year of high school chemistry
  • High school precalculus with a "C" or better, ACT Math score 21 or higher or SAT Math score of 570 or higher, or MAT 145

Internship opportunities

Many of our students gain clinical pharmacy experience by working with local pharmacies or local pharmaceutical companies such as Lilly Research Labs, Covance, or Sentry BioPharma. For more information, contact the Exchange or one of our faculty advisors.

What are my career paths?

  • Pharmacist
  • Pharmacist-scientist
  • Pharmacy School Faculty
  • Public Health
  • Political Advocacy

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