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Minor in Spanish for the professions | Marian University

Minor in Spanish for the Professions

Choose a minor that is specifically designed to help you succeed professionally. Broaden your career horizons through courses on the Spanish language and Hispanic cultures for students who are majoring in business, education, or one of the health professions.

Build the language proficiency and cultural competency you need to effectively communicate and engage with Spanish-speaking communities, including clients, colleagues, students, and patients. Take advantage of exciting career opportunities, both at home and abroad.

Why study Spanish for the professions at Marian?

If you want to work in corporate settings, teach in a school classroom, or work with patients in healthcare facilities where Spanish is a primary language, Marian's Spanish for the professions minor is an excellent addition to your plan of study. 

Gain cross-cultural communication skills related to your chosen profession and develop a global perspective and understanding that employers value.

  • With more than 660 million speakers globally, Spanish is the world's third most widely spoken language, so it's no surprise that a growing number of companies and organizations report proficiency in Spanish is an attractive credential when interviewing and hiring job applicants.
  • Hispanic peoples are America's largest minority group. By 2060, the United States Census Bureau projects 28 percent of the nation's population will be of Hispanic origin, with about 111 million residents. 
  • According to the Pew Research Center, nearly 40 million people across the U.S. speak Spanish in their homes, making it America’s most common non-English language. More than 85 percent of Latino parents speak Spanish to their children in their homes. 

What will you study?

As a Spanish for the professions minor, you will complete at least 18 credits of courses, including:

  • SPA 200: Intermediate Spanish I
  • SPA 201: Intermediate Spanish II
  • SPA 310: Written Communication in Spanish
  • Nine (9) credits of upper-level Spanish electives

You may also select courses from healthcare and business tracks.


Intended for students who want to work in a healthcare field, these courses are appropriate for students who are majoring in biology or chemistry and completing one of our pre-professional healthcare programs. They are also appropriate for students majoring in fields like clinical laboratory science, exercise science, health and physical education, nursing, nutrition, fitness, and wellness, physiology of exercise, psychology, public health, sport performance, and social work.

  • SPA 213: Spanish for the Mental Health Professions
  • SPA 214: Spanish for the Medical Professions
  • Spanish elective


Intended for students who plan to work in large and small business settings including the corporate and nonprofit worlds, these courses are appropriate for accounting, business analytics, communication, finance, marketing, management, and related majors.

  • SPA 330/BUS 334:Business Communication in Global Contexts I
  • SPA 331: Business Communication in Global Contexts II
  • Spanish elective

We also recommend you study abroad in a Spanish-speaking country. Credits earned through short-term and semester-based experiences may count toward this minor. Talk with your academic advisor for more information.

Review our undergraduate course catalog for complete details about academic requirements.

What career paths are available?

Having effective Spanish language skills appropriate for professional settings will provide you with more job opportunities and help you distinguish yourself as a desirable employment candidate.

Examples of career paths you might choose include:

  • Working in accounting, finance, human resources, management, marketing, or operations for multinational corporations who want to expand their international presence.
  • Serving as a doctor, nurse, public health worker, mental health professional, fitness and wellness specialist, or social worker.

While your career path is largely determined by your choice of major and bachelor's degree program, talk with us about whether this minor is appropriate for your career goals and interests.

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