Rebecca Reneau
Adjunct Lecturer of Latin

R Reneau


I've been teaching since elementary school when I would come home from school and line up all my dolls in my room and teach them what I had learned at school each day. I've always gravitated to showing others how to do the things I enjoy so they can enjoy them too.

I began as a Latin Lecturer in the Department of Theology and Philosophy at Marian in 2007, and have continued in that position in the Department of Languages and Cultures. In addition to teaching at Marian, I also offer Latin courses for parishioners at Holy Rosary Parish in Indianapolis, and serve as a tutor for a number of home-schooled children.

Along with Latin and French, I have also studied classical Greek, German, Serbo-Croatian, Anglo-Saxon, and Turkish.

Previous teaching experience at Ball State, IUPUI, and the Université de Nancy, France has been in Latin, Classical Studies, and various English courses.

Concomitant with my interest in languages has been an interest in ethnic dance. For thirty years I studied, taught, and performed locally and abroad the ethnic dances of various cultures of Europe, the Middle East, and North America, with special expertise in the dances of the Balkan countries and in Oriental dance.


  • B.A., Latin, French, Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Ball State University, 1977
  • M.A., Latin and French, Ball State University, 1985
  • M.A., English and Teaching English as a Foreign Language, Ball State University, 1987


  • Indiana Classical Conference
  • Indiana Network of Early Language Learning
  • Classical Association of the Midwest and South


  • LAT 101
  • LAT 102
  • LAT 200
  • LAT 201


  • Ecclesiastical and Medieval Latin
  • Latin for Children


  • Church Latin, A Teaching Grammar; Exercises to Accompany Church Latin, A Teaching Grammar; Answer Key to Church Latin, A Teaching Grammar Exercises; not yet published.

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