Jamie Higgs, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Art History

(317) 955-6432
Caretaker's Cottage, 2nd floor

Jamie Higgs


Jamie Higgs started teaching art history at Marian College as an adjunct professor in 1996. Marian College was the linchpin between her academic career and her now role as ‘teller of stories’ (a.k.a. associate professor of art history) at Marian University. Jamie was born in Groton, CT.  She lived up and down the eastern seaboard, the daughter of a Navy deep-sea diver. Her father’s dream was to see both of his daughters graduate from college. Jamie took it to the extreme. She just could not get enough of art history that is once she discovered it.  

After attending Fairdale High School in Kentucky, the state where her family eventually settled, she pursued a major in chemistry at the University of Louisville. To supplement her chemistry courses, Jamie started taking the required liberal arts courses such as literature (Shakespeare and Chaucer), art history, and archaeology. The liberal arts, however, are nothing short of transformative. These areas of study magnified her understanding of what it means to be human, transformed her sense of self, and afforded her opportunities she never imagined (as she was not a natural risk taker). She worked on an archaeological dig two summers in Portugal; she studied art throughout Spain, Italy, and France. She never looked back...

Jamie completed her Ph.D. in 2002 with concentrations in Iberian Medieval and Classical studies. While completing her Ph.D., she worked part-time at Marian College. She was hired full time in 2002 and…she never looked back. Marian College has now grown into Marian University. At today’s Marian University, Dr. Higgs hopes the study of art, its history, and studying abroad does for her students what it did for her. That is it encourages them to look beyond the mundane to see beauty in all of its forms and engenders future generations of creative risk takers. She aspires that her students gain such confidence in their abilities and identities that they...never look back.

Post Script: Jamie is married, twenty-six years now, to her high school sweetheart, an electrical engineer—go figure. She has one daughter, named Allyson who reads voraciously, runs cross country, and delights in all things.


  • Ph.D., May 2002, University of Louisville
    Areas of Specialization: Medieval and Classical Art
    Dissertation Title: Some Observations Concerning Visigothic Architec­ture and It's Influence upon the North: More Spanish Symptoms
    Advisor: Dr. Stephanie Maloney
  • M.A., Dec. 1994, University of Louisville
    Thesis Title: Iberian Early Christian Double-Apsed Churches: Their Influence on Carolingian and Mozarabic Church Architecture
  • B.A., Aug. 1991, University of Louisville
    Majors: Art History and English
    Minor: Anthropology (Archaeology concentration)


  • The Southeastern College Arts Conference
  • The Midwest Art Historical Society


  • Literature, Art, and Music in the Western Tradition (Humanities)—a multidisci­plinary, team-taught course
  • Survey of Western Art
  • Survey of Intercultural Art
  • The Ancient World: Humanity's Relationship with the Gods
  • The Ancient World: The 'Life' and 'Death' of Classical Art
  • The Byzantine East: Grandeur and Conflict
  • The Middle Ages: Outer Reality and Inner Truth
  • The Renaissance: The Power and Politics of Art

Study abroad courses taught

  • May 2017 Ireland, Spain, and Italy: Myth and Imagination
  • May 2015 Portugal, Spain, and Italy: Navigating the Waves of Time
  • May 2013 The Golden Ages of Greece and Italy   
  • May 2011 Turkey, Greece, and Italy: Civilizations Lost and Found
  • May 2009 Greece and Italy: The Enduring Myth
  • May 2007 Greece and Italy: The Enduring Myth
  • May 2005 Italy: Caesars and Saints, Poets and Prophets
  • May 2003 France: Revolutionary Ideas
  • May 2001 The Roman World: Its Time, Its Transformation, and Its Influence

Conference papers and presentations

  • October 19, 2016
    The Wedding of the Creative and Critical in the Survey of Western Art Course
    SECAC, Roanoke, Virginia         
  • November 11, 2011
    The 'Power' of Place: Marian University Study Abroad
    SECAC, Savannah, Georgia
  • September 25, 2008
    Some Observations on Iberian Early Christian Double-Apsed Churches and Their Influence on Subsequent Mozarabic and Carolingian Architecture: More Spainish Symptoms II
    SECAC, New Orleans, Louisiana
  • October 18, 2007
    Some Observations on Visigothic Architecture and Its Influence on the British Isles: More Spanish Symptoms
    SECAC, Charleston, West Virginia

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