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Art and Design Studio Workshop in the Painting Studio

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Art and Design (Art History)

Understand How Art Shapes History

Prepare to become an art historian who understands how art shapes perceptions past, present, and future.

Why choose art history at Marian?

Making art is one of humanity’s earliest acts of recording their world and experiences.  As an art historian you will learn about this fundamental expression of what it means to be human as you are encouraged to ask a lot of questions about the objects we study. Who made it?  When was it made?  What does it represent? Why was it made? What impact did it have at the time it was made?  How has that impact changed over time? These questions represent the interpretative, critical, and analytic skills necessary for understanding the wealth of visual culture that surrounds us every day and remain important questions for navigating visuals encountered through contemporary media.  Working with full-time professors, you will engage the art world through visiting local museums such as Newfields, the site of the Indianapolis Museum of Art, which is located within five minutes of our campus.

Our program assists you with developing a mission and vision for your studies and how they interact with and can be of service to the world.  Advanced study in our program culminates with a senior thesis ready for graduate school application or a professional position in an arts organization.  

What will you study?

Bachelor of Arts in Art and Design (Art History)

Core Courses (18 credits)
  • ART 106 Foundations of Art & Design
  • ART 255 Photography and the Moving Image
  • ARH 235 Global Art History I
  • ARH 236 Global Art History II
  • ART 490 MDC Capstone: Influence & Impact
Choose one:
  • ARH 344 The Modern World:  Artist’s Voices Heard
  • ARH 346 The Contem­porary Scene
Art History (27 credits)
  • ARH 330 The Classical World:  Long Memories of Greece and Rome
  • ARH 335 The Medieval West:  The Arts as Expressions of Faith
  • ARH 337 The Byzantine East:  The Arts of Grandeur and Conflict
  • ARH 342 The Renaissance:  The Arts of Humanism
  • ARH 344 The Modern World:  Artist’s Voices Heard
  • ARH 346 The Contem­porary Scene
  • ARH 491 Senior Thesis
Choose four:
  • ART 137 Printmaking and Book Arts
  • ART 155 Introduction to Photography
  • ENG 315 American Renaissance
  • ENG 320 Representations of Catholicism
  • ENG 369 Re-Gendering the US West
  • ENG 366 American Indian Film & Literature
  • ENG 368 African American Film & Literature
  • COM 222 Intercultural Dialogue
  • COM 324 Digital Storytelling
  • GLS 220 Global Humanities
  • PHL 230 Philosophy of Beauty and Art
  • SPA 335 Hispanic Artistic Expressions
  • THL 232 History of Christian Thought
  • THL 357 Eastern Religions
  • Approved Study Abroad Course
The following portfolio reviews are required for continuation in the program:
  • Foundation Process Book (ART 106)
  • Senior Thesis

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