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Earn a minor in cross-cultural studies

Minor in Cross-Cultural Studies

Are you interested in exploring cultures that are different than your own?

In today's global society, having a broad understanding of cultural diversity and multiculturalism is important. Taking courses that increase your insight and awareness about major world cultures is a great complement to many plans of study.

If you decide to minor in cross-cultural studies, the knowledge you gain will serve you well throughout the course of your career—no matter what bachelor's degree program or professional path you choose.

Why choose a cross-cultural minor at Marian?

Understanding people from different cultures is essential for engaging with them effectively. Becoming culturally competent requires sensitivity and respect, especially in careers that require you to interact with people of diverse backgrounds.

Earning a minor in cross-cultural studies will increase your knowledge of and appreciation for the practices and norms, especially as they relate to the arts and literature, theology, philosophy, music, and psychology, of peoples who live in countries around the world.

As a student in our cross-cultural studies program, you will:

  • Complete courses that facilitate multicultural and cross-cultural awareness and communication.
  • Learn about other cultures, their contributions to society, and how to better understand and respect their customs and cultural perspectives.
  • Assess your personal point-of-view, attitudes, values, and beliefs about interacting with people from different cultures.

What will you study?

To complete a minor in cross-cultural studies, you will take 18 credits of courses selected from philosophy and theology, fine arts and literature, history and foreign cultures, and social science. You'll choose one or two courses from each.

Philosophy and Theology (three credits; choose one)

  • PHIL 260: Asian Philosophies
  • THL 258: Asian Religions

Fine Arts and Literature (six credits; choose two)

  • MUS 340: Music of World Cultures
  • ARH 247: Survey of Intercultural Art
  • ENG 340: World Literature in Translation
  • ENG 375: Global Cinema

History and Foreign Cultures (three credits; choose one)

  • KAC 317: Germany's Collective Memory in Literature, Film, and Memorials
  • LAC 335: Latino Voices in the U.S.
  • Any study-abroad course

Social Science (six credits; choose two)

  • PSY 367: Cross-Cultural Psychology
  • POL 353: Politics of Development
  • SOC 275: Cultural Anthropology

Upon completion of required courses, you will have greater:

  • Understanding of the importance of cultural diversity
  • Knowledge of cultural practices and norms in other parts of the world
  • Awareness about cultural differences and viewpoints
  • Insight about the values, practices, and products of other cultures
  • Ability to interact and communicate more effectively across cultures

What are your career paths?

You can add an academic minor in cross-cultural studies to any major offered at Marian University to improve your interpersonal communication skills. 

Career paths you could pursue include:

  • Cross-cultural training consultant
  • Human resource director
  • Admission counselor at a college or universities
  • International program manager
  • Case manager
  • Psychologist
  • Travel agent
  • K-12 teacher
  • Healthcare professional
  • Lawyer
  • Sales representative

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