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Bachelor of Science in Chemistry degree

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Chemistry

Humans are part of a chemical world. The cells that make up our bodies, the foods we eat, the medicines we take, the clothes we wear, and the homes we live in are all composed of chemical substances.

The B.A. in chemistry at Marian University enables you to examine the composition and structure of chemicals at atomic and molecular levels. You will learn what substances are made of and how chemistry improves quality of life and makes our world a better place. 

As a Chemistry major, you will also build a firm academic foundation in the humanities, combining science courses with an exploration of the liberal arts. 

Upon graduation as a Chemistry major, you’ll be prepared to pursue careers that require broad chemistry and scientific knowledge, strong analytical abilities, good communication and collaboration skills, and a strong understanding of people. 

Why choose a B.A. in chemistry at Marian?

The B.A. in chemistry at Marian University is excellent preparation for careers in fields that draw upon chemistry and science, including the health professions, education, and business.

It is appropriate for students who want to work in scientific and technological business enterprises in which a general knowledge of chemistry would be of benefit. It is also appropriate for students who want to teach, work in government or public service roles, and health professions like physical or occupational therapy that require one-on-one interactions with people of all ages and backgrounds.

With a B.A. in chemistry, you'll graduate with knowledge and skills that make you an attractive job candidate for positions that require both an understanding of science and an understanding of human behavior.

Compared to the B.S. in chemistry, this program provides you with more flexibility to pursue diverse interests, like foreign language, art, psychology, global studies, and other humanities that will help you broaden your perspectives and way of viewing the world.

Another important difference is that the B.S. in chemistry may be a better choice if you want to work as a research or laboratory chemist, pursue a graduate degree in chemistry, apply for medical school, or work as a professional engineer.

What makes our program unique?

  • A high-impact, hands-on curriculum provides you with broad perspectives about the chemical, physical, and biological world.
  • The B.A. in chemistry can be paired with a second major, an academic minor, or a concentration area in another discipline. Talk with your academic advisor about your options.
  • Marian’s chemistry classes are rigorous, but we’ll help you excel. Our faculty will guide, encourage, and support you every step of the way. You’ll get an exceptional amount of individual attention and personal mentoring from faculty recognized for their teaching and scholarship. And you’ll build close relationships with both professors and your peers.
  • You will have multiple opportunities to participate in multidisciplinary research projects and present your work at on- and off-campus symposia and research conferences.
  • Because the general education portion of our curriculum is grounded in the liberal arts, you’ll gain the communication, collaboration, and critical thinking skills that are essential for success in the workplace.
  • Marian University’s location in Indianapolis, a thriving major metropolitan area with a vibrant employment market, means you’ll have access to a range of internship opportunities that will help you build a professional network before graduation.

What will you study?

The 128-credit Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry degree curriculum includes general education, core, required, and elective courses that will give you a good understanding of chemistry concepts and theories.

  • You will take courses that enable you to study and explore current trends, challenges, and opportunities in the field of chemistry.
  • You’ll explore the interdisciplinary impact of chemistry on current topics, like cell and gene therapy, cancer, and disease.
  • Because Marian is a leader in green chemistry education, you can choose courses which include a focus on sustainability and environmental protection.
  • Faculty will teach you how to understand and appreciate scientific knowledge and methodology.

Courses are sequenced to provide you with early foundational knowledge in chemistry, progressively building upon what you’ll learn through your last semester. You’ll start with 100-level courses that teach you the fundamentals of general chemistry and physics. You’ll complete at least 34 credits in chemistry at or above CHE 151.

Required courses include:

  • CHE 151-152: General Chemistry I and II
  • CHE 300: Analytical Chemistry
  • CHE 305: Organic Chemistry I
  • CHE 325: Physical Chemistry I
  • CHE 490: Chemistry Seminar
  • MAT 230-231: Calculus and Analytic Geometry I and II
  • PHY 110-111: General Physics I and II
  • PHY 111: General Physics II
  • PHY 201: Mechanics
  • PHY 202: Heat, Electricity, and Optics

Sample four-year plan and checklist

What are your career paths?

The B.A. in chemistry degree leads toward a range of careers which require knowledge of chemistry and science, but in which you are more likely to work with people than work behind a microscope in a laboratory or research setting.

  • For some students, completing a B.A. in chemistry is the first step in a continuing educational journey. These go on to earn master’s and doctoral degrees in fields like law, business, education, and healthcare.
  • Students who don't plan to attend graduate school pursue careers as middle and high school chemistry teachers, technical writers and editors, sales and marketing managers, government affairs specialists, public health specialists, and nonprofit directors.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), examples of career paths, including employment projections and median salaries, you could pursue include:

Occupation Growth through 2026 Median 2017 salary 
Sales manager7 percent$121.060
Middle school teacher8 percent $57,720
High school teacher8 percent $59,170
Lawyer8 percent $119,250
Marketing manager10 percent $129,380
Technical writer11 percent $70,930
Medical and health services manager 20 percent$98,350 
Physical therapist28 percent$86,850
Physician assistant37 percent $104,860

Talk with your admission counselor and academic advisor about your career interests and goals. We’ll help you put together a personal plan of study that prepares you for the career of your dreams.

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