Department of Theology and Philosophy

Every institution and society needs good persons who think—especially about the world's most fundamental and profound realities.

These thinkers, by their thinking, become extraordinarily unique and distinctive. Their contributions to society and all of humankind have often been astounding. In many ways, they shape our lives, our world, and our living faith.

In the Department of Theology and Philosophy at Marian University, we celebrate and continue their memories, actions, and contributions.

Come, discover your roots. The habits of mind and heart, and the skills of a liberal education, are offered here in an intelligent and faith-filled atmosphere.

Our mission

  • Our faculty educate, form, and mentor students, inviting them to explore faith and the Catholic and Franciscan theological traditions and heritage of Marian University.

Our vision

  • Faith-filled transformational leaders for service to the Church and world.

Sophia club

Marian University's philosophy club is named for the greek word σοφία meaning "wisdom." The club creates a forum for students to discuss both ancient wisdom and the latest ideas of our times. The Sophia club invites the whole campus to several BBQs throughout the school year, hosts movie nights, and sponsors lectures each semester in theology or philosophy.

For more information

Arthur Canales D.Min., C.P.C. 
Department Chair
Professor of Theology

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