Bachelor of Arts in Music

music ensembleThe study of music is as diverse as music itself and offers a world of artistic career opportunities.

Whether you want a broad liberal arts degree with a focus on all aspects of music—or you plan to double-major in music and another subject to pursue a more specific career path—Marian University’s music degree program will fit your interests and goals.

As you complete required, core, and elective music courses, you will explore the fundamentals, theories, and history of musical genres. You will study the early music of medieval times through the Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, and Romantic periods and survey the rise of jazz, music of other cultures, and other genres in the contemporary era.  You will also gain new technique and skills on your primary instrument or voice through applied lessons from one of our highly sought after faculty as well as participation in one of our ensembles.

Sample 4 Year Plan Instrumental Music  

Sample 4 Year Plan Vocal Music




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