Betty J. Bruther, Ph.D.

Betty Bruther, Ph.D.

Betty Bruther, Ph.D. has a masters and a Ph. D. in history from the University of Notre Dame du Lac, specializing in Western and Central European medieval history. She also has a masters in modern European history from Indiana University-Bloomington, and a bachelor of arts in history with honors, from Indiana University-Bloomington. Bruther's Ph.D. dissertation focused on women, property, power, and the state in medieval England, 1154-1227. Her undergraduate honors thesis told the story of the Warsaw ghetto uprising in World War Two.  

Areas of Specialization

Medieval European History, Military History (Europe and Asia), and Modern European History; World Geography (cultural, economic and political)

Research Interests

Crime and prison history, gender history, European and Asian military history, and Irish history.

Courses Taught at Marian University

Coll 101 First Year Experience

Geo 101 Elements of Geography

GLS 365/His 380 When Asian Empires Ruled the World, 1200-1800

GST 380/His 380 Being a Queen: Gendered Power, 500-1800

His 102 Modern World History survey, c. 1500-present

His 216 American History for Elementary Educators

His 337 The Era of World War One, 1870-1936

His 341 Europe and Russia in the Middle Ages, c. 800-1500

His 351 Europe in the Renaissance and Reformation. 1400-1600

Hon 340 Great Books: The Tain

Great Books: Gender and the Uncanny in the World of Sherlock Holmes

Great Books: Noir Sherlock Holmes

Great Books: Easter Rising, 1916

Great Books: Bushido

Hon 380 Seminar: Of Women and Monsters: Gender(ed) Violence

Seminar: Indigenous Peoples in Australia and New Zealand

Seminar: Shakespeare’s History

Seminar Revolutionaries of the Fin de Siecle

Additional Courses Taught Elsewhere

Economic Geography, The Mongol World, Crime and Society in Europe, c. 500-1888, and The Mask of Command: Military Leadership in World History

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