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 Minor in Art History

Learn to think and see differently.

The study of art history is the study of connections: the individual to the community, the community to the environment, the seen to the unseen world. The art history minor offers you the chance to explore these interconnections shedding light on way human beings have found and expressed meaning. The minor enables you to synthesize different fields of study—from theology and philosophy, literature and languages, to the sciences and the social sciences—through the lenses of visual culture and history to realize the study of art history is simply the study of what it means to be human.

What will you study?

Minor in Art History (18 credits)

  • ARH 235: Survey of Western Art I: Prehistoric to Renaissance (3 credits)
  • ARH 236: Survey of Western Art II: Baroque to Contemporary (3 credits)
  • ARH 347: Intercultural Art (3 credits)

9 credits from:

  • 311: Art of Healing and Dying (3 credits)
  • 330: The Classical World  (3 credits)
  • 335: The Medieval West  (3 credits)
  • 337: The Byzantine East (3 credits)
  • 342: The Renaissance  (3 credits)
  • 344: The Modern World  (3 credits)
  • 346: The Contemporary Scene  (3 credits)

Meet your faculty

  • Dr. Jamie Higgs
    Jamie Higgs, Ph.D.
    Associate Professor of Art and Art History
    (317) 955-6432
    Caretaker's Cottage, Second Floor

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Department of Art and Design
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