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Writing Program

The Writing Program at Marian University recognizes and honors the writer that is within you. We will help you develop and sharpen your writing skills across all avenues—professional, academic, and creative.

Our faculty tailor your writing instruction to help you develop the knowledge, experience, and techniques you need to grow as a writer. You are encouraged to get involved in Marian University’s writing culture—both on and off campus—by participating in campus publications and the Writing Center as well as with our business and nonprofit partners in the community.

Why choose a writing concentration?

Adding a writing concentration to your degree program can help stand out from other job candidates. Research shows employers prioritize writing skills. How might a business management major with a concentration in writing get employers' attention? How many nurses or chemists can write effectively to multiple audiences? 

At Marian University, you can focus a writing concentration on creative writing, new media writing, or professional communication. At the same time, we encourage you to broaden your range as a writer by experimenting in different genres than you are accustomed to and by shaping meaning for multiple audiences and occasions.  

Academic Requirements

Our writing concentration totals 18 credits, including ENG 302, 360, and three credits of L40 in the final stages of portfolio preparation, and the remaining credits chosen from ENG 109, 204, 206, 239, 255, 303, 309, 322, 367, 370, or 470, COM 365, and/or other writing intensive courses with the approval of full-time writing faculty. The concentration also requires a successful review of your student portfolio.


The Department of English regularly offers several writing courses. You also have the opportunity to tailor your study of writing through internships, participation in local writing communities, and upper-level tutorials. 

CourseCatalogue Description
ENG L10/20/30/40 Writing Tutorial 1-3 creditsENG L10/20/30/40 is a lab time providing individualized instruction tailored to a writer's specific needs at any point during undergraduate coursework. The tutorial is designed for students who want additional support in realizing targeted goals for specific writing situations. ENG lab hours (excluding L01 and L12) may be taken for up to a total of six hours credit. S/U. (SEM)
ENG 109 Student Publications 1 creditStudents contribute to student publications as writers, editors, and designers as contracted with the faculty advisor. May be repeated for up to 3 hours. (SEM)
ENG 204 Creative Writing 3 creditsPrerequisite: 115. Basic principles and practice in imaginative writing; development of criteria for judging artistic compositions. (FAL)
ENG 239 Professional Writing 3 creditsPrerequisite: 115. Theory and practice of writing common professional forms such as sales materials, abstracts, memos, application letters, and resumés. Emphasis is placed on writing proposals and reports, and on understanding, in general, the persuasive element in most professional writing. (SEM)
ENG 255 News Writing 3 creditsPrerequisite: 115. Practical experience in developing journalistic style of writing for the print news media. Emphasis is placed upon news reporting, feature, and editorial writing. May support publication of the student newspaper. (SPR)
ENG 280, 380, 480 Special Topics in Literature and Writing 3 creditsPrerequisite: 115. Study of selected literary works involving a particular topic (e.g., African American literature, literature of the East, science fiction, women novelists) or treating specific themes (e.g., studies of the double, of initiation, or parent-child relationships), or a study of selected issues in writing. The chosen topic or themes are announced at the time of registration and vary from one semester to the next to allow students to take the course more than once. (ADD)
ENG 302 Critical and Creative Non-Fiction 3 creditsPrerequisite: 115. Study and practice of the essay genre from Montaigne to the present, paying special attention to evolving forms of the essay and the rhetorical and aesthetic choices that shape meaning. Intensive workshop experience. (FAL)
ENG 303 Composition Theory: Issues and Practice 3 creditsPrerequisite: 115. Surveys of theories, research, and knowledge that have led to a resurgence in composition studies since 1963. Analyzes the practice of contemporary process theories of writing, and examines teachers’ theoretical assumptions about language, writing, and the development of writing abilities. (2FO)
ENG 309 Advanced Editorial Experience 1-3 creditsDesigned for leaders of student publications, course topics include articulating the mission of a publication, reviewing content, editing submissions, and publishing the final product. May be repeated for up to 6 credit hours. (SEM)
ENG 360/460 Internship in English 1-6 creditsPrerequisite: Junior standing. An approved internship or work experience related to professional writing. Grade point of 3.50 in English and approval of department are required. Course may be repeated once. A maximum of three credits may apply toward the major. Graded S/U. (SEM)
ENG 370 Advanced Creative Writing 3 creditsPrerequisite: 204 or permission. This course offers extended instruction and practice in creative writing. With each offering, the focus of the course includes one of the primary literary genres—poetry, fiction, playwriting, or nonfiction. Students may enroll twice in ENG 370, as long as the genre focus is different. (SPR)
ENG 470 Advanced Creative Writing WorkshopPrerequisite: 370 or permission. This course offers advanced creative writing students extended instruction in creative writing and weekly peer and instructor critiques of works-in progress. The course culminates in the submission of a complete creative writing portfolio for MFA writing programs or other professional pursuits. (ADD)
ENG 499 Independent Study 2-3 creditsPrerequisites: Junior or senior English major and permission. Guided readings and research. (ADD)

Meet Your Faculty

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    Gay Lynn Crossley
    Director of Writing Program
    Chair Department of English
    Associate Professor of English
  • MarkLatta
    Mark Latta
    Director of Writing Center
    Public Literacy Coordinator

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