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Flanner House and the Marian University Writing Center are excited to announce the creation of the Flanner Community Writing Center, a public access writing support center open to all Central Indiana residents.

The Flanner Community Writing Center hopes to facilitate social justice and support strong communities through individual written literacy development, rhetorical problem solving and participatory action research.
  • The Flanner Community Writing Center is located in the Flanner House campus, 2424 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Street, Indianapolis, IN 46208. 
  • As an open-access writing center, the Flanner Community Writing Center invites Indianapolis residents to collaborate with writing consultants on workplace, school-based, and personal writing.
  • All services are provided free of charge, and residents are encouraged to use the Flanner Community Writing Center as resource for bolstering confidence and effectiveness in writing. 
  • Writers may work with writing consultants in a confidential, one-on-one setting or within small groups. Both walk-ins and appointments are accepted. A range of summer and fall writing workshops will be offered.
For information, contact the Marian University Writing Center at (317) 955-6244 or writingcenter@marian.edu.

If you are interested in facilitating a writing workshop, please contact Mark Latta, Director of the Marian University Writing Center at (317) 955-6234 or mlatta@marian.edu.

Frequently asked questions

When is the Flanner Community Writing Center Open?

Our Spring 2017 hours are: 
  • Monday: 3-6 p.m.
  • Thursday: 3-6 p.m.

What is a community writing center? 

  • A community writing center is a place that invites everyone to talk, work, and collaborate on writing and written literacies. It’s a place where writers talk about writing, practice strategies, ask questions, exchange ideas and suggestions, and increase effectiveness and confidence in personal, school, and workplace writing. A community writing center is like a library except instead of checking out books, people work on writing their own books, letters, websites, and essays. 

Who may use the Flanner Community Writing Center? 

  • Anyone between the ages of 10-100. Our services are provided free of charge to Indianapolis residents. 

How do I schedule an appointment? 

  • Walk-ins are accepted during our regular open hours.
  • Appointments may be scheduled by visiting www.marian.edu/writing-center.
  • First time users will need to create an account in order to access our online schedule. Select "LOCATION: Flanner Community Writing Center" in the drop-down menu to display Flanner Community Writing Center hours.
  • You may schedule an appointment by calling (317) 955-6244 or emailing writingcenter@marian.edu 

Where is the Flanner Community Writing Center located? 

What should I expect when I visit the Flanner Community Writing Center? What should I bring? 

  • When you visit with a writing consultant, you should expect to be treated with respect and compassion. Our writing consultants will first listen and talk with you to learn about concerns and goals you may have about your writing and writing tasks. Then, writing consultants will work with you to chart an agenda and create a plan for the session and future sessions. Writing consultants will assist in a range of writing process strategies and techniques, providing responsive support in order for you to meet your writing goals.
  • Writers may visit with a Flanner Community Writing Center writing consultant at any stage in the writing process. We encourage visits to the center before words are placed on the page, while you are drafting, and after you believe your writing is “done.” Writers do not need to have a draft in order to visit with a Flanner Community Writing Center writing consultant. In fact, visits to help strategize before writing the first sentence are sometimes the most helpful.  
  • When you visit a writing consultant, you should bring the writing prompt (if there is one), any drafts that may exist, and any notes or materials that will assist you during your writing session.
  • After each session, writers will be provided with a brief report of the session that outlines the nature of discussion, suggested techniques, and possible “next steps.” 

What type of writing may I bring to the Flanner Community Writing Center? 

Our writing consultants are trained to work with a broad range of writing. Writers are encouraged to bring the following types of writing to the Flanner Community Writing Center: 
  • Workplace writing: Professional emails, memos, reports, resumes, and cover letters. 
  • School writing: Assigned writing for school and academic purposes in middle school, high school, and college. When working with school-based writing, please bring all applicable assignment guidelines. 
  • Personal writing: Memoirs, creative essays, letters, family documents, poetry, letters to the editor, etc. 
  • Digital and social inquiry writing: Websites, photo essays, and podcasts that ask questions, document, and explore issues that impact our communities and neighborhoods. 

Who are Flanner Community Writing Center writing consultants? 

  • Our consultants are faculty, staff and undergraduate student peer tutors from the Marian University Writing Center. Peer tutors take specialized courses and training in order to remain successful in providing effective writing support. 

Someone told me I am a terrible writer. I am embarrassed by my writing abilities. 

  • That’s unfortunate. Writing is often challenging, and it’s understandable that some people feel frustrated by the idea of writing. We can’t change what you may have been told in the past, but we do believe everyone can write and confidence in writing can be learned. We hope you’ll visit with us. Your writing is probably amazing. 

Can the Flanner Community Writing Center help someone learn to read? Learn English? 

  • Our writing consultants are trained to focus on supporting written literacies with those writing with at least a fourth-grade English writing equivalency. We are not yet situated to support adults gain basic literacy skills or support writers who identity as emerging English language learners. 

Can the Flanner Community Writing Center support Spanish writers?  

  • Flanner Community Writing Center will provide Spanish-language writing support. However, more Spanish-language writing support is available through the Marian University Writing Center. To schedule an appointment with a Spanish-language tutor, visit our online schedule and select "Focus: Spanish" from the drop-down menu. 

Is the Marian University Writing Center still available to the public? 

  • Yes, of course. The Marian University Writing Center is open to everyone. 
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