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Earn a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Religious Education at Marian University

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Theology Degree

Think Theologically! One of our main goals as a theology faculty is to help young people think theologically and critically. 

Theology is not catechesis, although catechesis is a component of theology. Theology is an academic discipline that based on critical, scientific inquiry and seeks to understand faith through Scripture, tradition, reason, and experience.  

The Church does her thinking at the university!

Mark Reasoner, Ph.D. is an associate professor of theology at Marian University. He is an expert on the New Testament and publishes on the writings of St. Paul.

Studying Theology at Marian Really has a Two-fold Route

  1. Those students who want to teach in higher education and to pursue a master’s degree in theology immediately after finishing their undergraduate degree, or
  2. those students who want to become a high school religion/theology teacher in a Catholic school, and will have to minor in Education and take a few pastoral leadership courses as well. 
Lucas Normington

"Studying theology at Marian has equipped me with thorough knowledge of the Church and her teachings, and has prepared me for being a teacher through the wide array of topics studied within this major."

Lucas G. Normington '21
Religion Teacher at Roncalli Catholic High School (Indianapolis)

What will you Study?

Here are the core theological courses that students will take:

  • THL 105: Introduction to Theology
  • THL 208: The Church
  • THL 218: Fundamental Moral Theology
  • THL 226: Old Testament
  • THL 228: New Testament
  • THL 336: Liturgy, Prayer, & Sacrament
  • THL 405: Jesus Christ & the Tripersonal God
  • THL 490: Senior Seminar & Capstone

Here are some other theological courses that students will take in the program:

  • THL 232: History of Christian Thought
  • THL 308: Christian Unity & Diversity
  • THL 316: Theological Bioethics
  • THL 319: Sexual Ethics
  • THL 322: Catholic Social Teachings
  • THL 337: The Christian Celebration of the Mass
  • THL 338: Christian Marriage
  • THL 423: Theologies from the Margins
Colleen Shena

"During my time as a theology student at Marian, I learned that I will forever be a student of my faith. Catholicism is expansive, diverse, and an ever-unfolding mosaic of beauty; it’s truly a field I could spend my whole life exploring and always be learning something new!"

Colleen R. Schena '21
Copywriter and Editor for Catholic Relevant Radio (Chicago)

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