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Workshops - Master Class Series 1: Facilitating Learning
in the Center for Teaching and Learning

Aside from having a well-designed course, as an instructor you need the knowledge and confidence to effectively engage your students in the learning process.  Through the activities in this class, you will learn what is expected of instructors in terms of presence, engagement and management, learn to leverage the tools available in Canvas to provide an engaging learning environment for your students, and develop your own personal facilitation plan for your course.

Outcome:  At the conclusion of the course, you will have a facilitation plan, including specific methods for developing a presence, engaging students, and managing your course. 

Criteria:  The facilitation plan will be assessed using a rubric that contains criteria that fall into three main categories:

  • Presence – The plan includes active instructor participation methods such as responsiveness, feedback, or strategic communication.
  • Engagement – The plan includes instructor interaction and collaboration methods such as sharing experiences, insight, and expertise.
  • Management – The plan includes course management methods such as managing class flow, student progress, grades, and office hours.

Learning Objectives:  The following learning objectives provide the framework for the course.  At the end of the course, you should be able to:

  1. Describe presence, engagement, and management and their importance to student learning.
  2. Explain different methods for promoting presence and choose methods appropriate for your course.
  3. Explain different methods for promoting engagement and choose methods appropriate for your course.
  4. Explain different course management methods and choose methods appropriate for your course.
  5. Implement selected tools in Canvas to promote engagement, presence, and course management.
  6. Develop a facilitation plan outlining tools and methods you will use in your course to promote engagement, presence, and course management.


  1. Overview of Course
  2. The Importance of Presence
  3. Tools and Methods to Increase Presence
  4. The Importance of Engagement
  5. Tools and Methods to Increase Engagement
  6. The Importance of Course Management
  7. Tools and Methods for Effective Course Management
  8. Next Steps

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