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Marian University Ancilla College Syllabus Policies

Below are policies that apply to all Marian University Ancilla College classes.

COVID-19 Guidelines

For the most updated information regarding COVID-19 policies and guidelines, please visit KnightCare COVID-19 Information.

Accommodation/Accessibility Statement

Marian University's Ancilla College, through policy and practice, is committed to providing equitable access to learning opportunities for all students. If you experience or anticipate experiencing, barriers to your education due to a disability please contact our office

Although a student may request an accommodation at any time, it is best to initiate the accommodation process as early as possible as it may take time to complete the interactive process. If a reasonable accommodation is determined, a Course Accommodation Letter will be created at the Center for Academic Success and Engagement (CASE) for the student to provide to their faculty members with information related to their accommodations. Faculty will not set up disability-related accommodations without a current semester Course Accommodation Letter.

Faculty, Staff, or Student questions or concerns regarding the accommodation process can be sent to our office.

Other policies

Peer Tutoring

The Peer Tutoring Program is a free resource and service offered to all students.  Our goal is to help students develop the confidence and skills necessary to be successful at the university level.  Peer tutoring is available for all major subjects with walk-in hours as well as one-on-one appointments. The email address to contact and make appointments is

The Writing Center

The Writing Center at MUAC is not so much a place as it is an entity. Housed under the umbrella of The Learning Commons, The Writing Center is comprised of several elements, all professionally staffed, free for student use, and designed to help students become more effective writers both inside and outside the classroom.

The Communication Center/Speaking Studio

Harness your strengths with a one-on-one consultation at the Marian University Speaking Studio. No matter your stage of the speech-making process, our studio has the resources for you. We’re also here to support you with public speaking anxiety and have specialized appointments, including job interview practice and bilingual consultations. Meet with a student consultant through an online appointment Monday through Thursday, 9 am-8 pm; Friday, 10 am-3 pm; and Sunday afternoons. Email us with questions or if you’d like information on visiting our center in person when in Indianapolis:

Academic integrity

Treat everyone in the class with respect. MUAC prides itself on the academic integrity and responsibility of our students.  Academic dishonesty is a serious offense because it undermines the trust between students and faculty, weakens the credibility of the academic enterprise, and defrauds those who believe in the value and integrity of a Marian University's Ancilla College degree.  Academic dishonesty includes cheating (intentionally using unauthorized materials in any academic exercise), plagiarism (representing the words or ideas of another as your own), and facilitating academic dishonesty (intentionally helping another student commit a breach of academic conduct).  A student who commits an act of academic dishonesty may face disciplinary action ranging from failure on a specific academic exercise to dismissal from the college.  The process and procedure for this policy are listed in Section 9 of The Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities.

Student responsibility for dropping/withdrawing from a course

It is the responsibility of the STUDENT to drop the course before the drop date. Faculty members are not responsible for dropping students who suspend class attendance.  It is the responsibility of the STUDENT to withdrawal from the course on or before the last day permitted.  A withdrawal will appear on your transcripts as a “W”, but will not affect your GPA.  It is the student’s responsibility to be aware of the impact of failing courses or withdrawing from courses on state and federal financial aid as well as scholarship eligibility.

The Pantry at Marian University Ancilla College

The food pantry at MUAC addressed food insecurity among members of our campus community. The food pantry is located in Room 207 and can be accessed between the hours of 8 am-5 pm. Maintaining the dignity of the individual, students receive shopping bags and are able to select foods based on their likes and dislikes. There is no number of items a student can shop for.

To help us gauge usage and receive feedback on our offerings, we ask that students click the QR code located in the pantry each time they enter. This is completely anonymous.

The Center for Academic Success and Engagement (CASE)

The Center for Academic Success and Engagement (CASE) provides connections for students to success resources including peer tutoring, a writing center, research support, and workshops related to time management, study skills, note-taking, and more.  The Library has reservable space for study groups and club meetings and is equipped with charging tables, whiteboards, and secure device charging stations.

Counseling and Consultation Services

Counseling and Consultation Services (CCS) supports both the academic and personal growth of Marian University's Ancilla College students. Individual counseling is available to assist students who are experiencing problems that interfere with the realization of their academic, interpersonal, spiritual, and vocational goals. Students may seek counseling for a variety of reasons, some of which may include problems with adjustment to university life, family conflicts, relationship difficulties, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and substance abuse. Counseling services are provided free of charge and students can schedule virtual appointments by calling 317-955-6150 or emailing

Health Center

The college Health Center is located in room C134 of the Academic building and is staffed Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. The Health Center is able to address a wide range of health care needs. Health and wellness education is emphasized and an important mission of The Health Center. Students can schedule appointments with The Student Health Center by email at or by calling 574-935-1775.  

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Notice of Nondiscrimination
Marian University does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, color, sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, creed, national origin, age or disabilities in the selection of administrative personnel, faculty and staff, and students.
*Placement rates are gathered from data collected from graduates within six months of graduation.

Students may make a complaint to the Indiana Commission of Higher Education.

Marian University is sponsored by the Sisters of St. Francis, Oldenburg, Indiana.

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