Study strategy resources

  • Learning Styles - Do you know what your learning style is? Does your learning style vary with the content you learning? Resources on this page will help you assess your learning style and share tips on how to improve your learning based on your style. 

  • The Writing Process - Almost all college courses will require some writing; whether it is formal research papers, informal journals, or discussion board posts. Resources on this page will help support your writing process including learning the appropriate grammar, usage, and style for different types of writing. 

  • Plagiarism and MLA/APA Citation - It is vital to learn the proper way to cite a source when using them in your own writing. It is also vital to learn the proper way to use information from a source to support your own ideas. This list or resources will provide support in the proper way to cite a source in both MLA and APA formats and the how to properly paraphrase someone else's content and ideas.

  • General Study Strategies - On this page a variety of resources are shared to help improve general study strategies including Note Taking strategies and Reading Assignment Support.

  • Test Taking Strategies  Do you seem to understand the content, but then not perform well on the test? On this page, strategies are shared to help with test-taking. 

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