Canvas and technology support

  • Overview of Canvas - Linked on this page are answers to some of the most common questions students ask about working with Canvas.

  • Browsers and software - Since Canvas is web-based, you can use any web browser to access your course. However, you may find you will need to install a plug-in to use certain features or access specific content. On this page there are instructions on how to make sure your experience using Canvas goes smoothly. 

  • Problem resolution  - Sometimes, even after trying to solve a problem on your own, you may need some additional help. On this page, there are three ways you can receive help on Canvas related issues. 
  • Webex Tutorials - More and more faculty are conducting live, synchronous sessions in their courses. For more information on how to get started with Webex, visit these tutorials.

The links included above are just the beginning of the resources available to you. Canvas Guides offers instructions on how to do almost everything you will need to do in your course. You can access the list of guides here . In addition, there is a long list of videos showing how to accomplish most tasks. You can access the list of videos here

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