Panopto Frequently Asked Questions

We will be collecting the most commonly asked questions regarding Marian University's Panopto tool. If you have a question that you would like to submit about Panopto, contact the CTL by using the information on the right.

How do I log in to Panopto?

To login to Panopto, first, you should be logged into Canvas. If you access a Panopto video within Canvas, it should automatically log you in.

You can also go to Marian's regular Panopto site at and it will prompt you for your Marian ID if you are not already logged into Canvas in another browser window or tab.

What browser should I use with Panopto?

Due to issues with third-party cookies in Safari, it is recommended to use Chrome or Firefox when accessing Panopto.

Can students create videos using Panopto?

Yes, if they are given a special folder for assignment submissions. Follow the instructions in this video to see how to create the Submissions Folder. Share the student-instructions document (or the link to the document) below with your students.

Can I allow current students to view videos stored in another course?

Yes, you can permit students to view individual videos or the whole folder of videos. Check out the CTL's Panopto Organization Guide here for some guidelines on that process or contact Blake using the details on the right for assistance.

Can I add a Quiz to my video?

Yes. Click here for instructions to add a quiz to a Panopto video. Click here for instructions on using Panopto Video Quizzes for grades in your Canvas course.

Also, please share this link with your students to help guide them in taking Panopto Video Quizzes.

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