Webex and Canvas

This page is dedicated to how Webex and Canvas interact with each other and how Instructors can use that interaction to better communicate with their students.

Adding Webex to Your Canvas Course

On this site, Instructors can see how to set up and enable Webex on their Canvas course. It also goes step-by-step in setting up Virtual Meetings and Webex Conferences, which allow for student-to-student collaboration within the course.

Webex Tips for Success

Another source for good practices in using Webex but also an important tip in what to do if you are experiencing problems with your Webex/Canvas integration.

Setting up Virtual Office Hours in Webex (video)

This video shows instructors how to set up office hours in Webex/Canvas.

Using Collaborations (video)

This video goes through how to use Collaborations with students using Webex/Canvas.

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