Institutional Learning Outcomes and Criteria

The Marian University educational experience integrates our four Franciscan Sponsorship Values: Dignity of the Individuals (DI), Responsible Stewardship (RS), Peace and Justice (PJ), and Reconciliation (R) with our degree-specific and general education curriculum. This experience is enriched with experiential learning activities from our athletic, co-curricular, internship,study abroad, and transformational leadership programming. Thus, Marian University aspires to cultivate graduates who will initiate opportunities to advance human flourishing by emphasizing the following institutional learning outcomes.

Faith and Ethics

Marian University graduates practice the Franciscan Values and possess a deep understanding of their ethical implications.

  • Criterion A. Demonstrate an understanding of the Franciscan Values.

  • Criterion B. Exhibit self-awareness of faith and ethical beliefs.

  • Criterion C. Analyze and evaluate moral and ethical issues.

  • Criterion D. Address ethical issues through informed and responsible action.

  • Criterion E. Meet all ethical and professional standards for the field/discipline.

Problem Solving

Marian University graduates demonstrate the ability to solve problems in an inquisitive, thoughtful, creative, informed, and just manner.


Marian University graduates apply exceptional listening, writing, critical reading, and oral communication skills to build and sustain relationships with others.

Cultural and Global Awareness

Marian University graduates display respect for individual differences by embracing and learning from diverse cultures, perspectives, and traditions.

  • Criterion A. Articulate insights into own cultural rules and biases.

  • Criterion B. Exhibit curiosity in understanding other cultures.

  • Criterion C. Evaluate a contested issue from multiple perspectives.

  • Criterion D. Take informed and responsible action to address a local or global challenge.

  • Criterion E. Engage with professionals of diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

Health and Well-Being

Marian University graduates experience the practice of self-awareness and self-care focused on their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Disciplinary Knowledge and Skills

Marian University graduates exhibit a high degree of proficiency in their disciplinary area and in the application of their learned expertise.

Criteria and performance standards for this institutional student learning outcome will be defined within the specific undergraduate or graduate program.

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