Using the NILOA Transparency Framework as a guide, Marian University seeks to collect and use meaningful assessment data to better promote student learning across the curriculum and co-curriculum. The Teaching and Learning Committee (TLC), which functions as our institutional assessment committee, monitors achievement of institutional learning outcomes, supports program-level assessment planning and reporting, and facilitates the use of assessment data. If you would like to discuss ways TLC can better support Marian faculty and student affairs educators in their assessment efforts, please contact any of the following TLC members:

Name Department/School Subcommittee
Baumann, Michael* English & Communication Self-Study
Candlish, Karen* Student Success & Engagement Planning & Reporting
Crossley, Gay Lynn English & Communication Programming & Resources
DeLong, Matthew Mathematics Self-Study
Denz, David Theology & Philosophy Self-Study
Gastineau-Grimes, Holly History & Social Sciences Grants & Awards
Hawkins, Hadley Undergraduate Student Assessment Activities
Ikeda, Yuriko Languages & Cultures Planning & Reporting
Kaufman, Jeffery Education Programming & Resources
Kheiry, Mona Center for Teaching and Learning, Graduate Student Programming & Resources
Lim, Okyoung Education Grants & Awards 
Lockett, Michael Center for Teaching and Learning Planning & Reporting
Macrae, Rod Chemistry Planning & Reporting
Martz, Melanie Adult Programs Programming & Resources
Neff, Lesley Adult Programs Planning & Reporting
Norton, Jamey English & Communication Assessment Activities
Ostoich, Amanda St. Joe Indy Assessment Activities
Peters, Laurie Nursing Self-Study
Ribera, Tony Center for Teaching and Learning TLC co-chair
Royer, Shawn Music Grants & Awards
Rudynski, Kevin Art & Design Grants & Awards
Rumreich, Lori Business, Graduate Student Self-Study
Rusbasan, David* Psychology TLC co-chair
Van Vokenburgh, Nikki* Institutional Research Assessment Activities
Wilson, Kristy Biology Assessment Activities
Zahl, Sarah Medicine Programming & Resources
*Marian University Alumni



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