Commuter Students

The Office of Residential & Commuter Life strives to be an available resource to all students who come to Marian. As a commuter or residential student, it is our offices goal to support your educational, social, informational, and aspirational needs. Being a commuter student, you have access to all services, organizations, and programs that were created to help in personal and professional exploration. With multiple opportunities for involvement and connection, we encourage commuter students to interact with us and others on campus to build life-long relationships. Although you do not live with us, we hope we can make Marian University feel a little more like home … a Knight even if you do not spend the night!!!

Commuter Parking

Commuter students need to purchase their parking passes from MUPD and park in designated lots. To locate these lots, please review the Campus Map

Commuter Tips

You are a commuter, which also means that construction zones, severe weather, and accidents could impact your travel time. As you commute to campus, try a couple different routes to map out alternate options.

Download a weather app to stay up-to-date on Indianapolis weather. The weather often changes unknowingly, so it is important to plan clothes or change of clothes ahead of time.

Things to keep on you:

  • Gas money
  • Air pump or tire sealant
  • Grab n’ go snacks
  • Ice scraper
  • Car charger
  • Jumper cables
  • Flashlight
  • Blanket, pillow, and sleeping bag

If you have question, concerns, or suggestions, please email

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