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School of Mathematics and Sciences Internship Process

Applying for Internship Position and Course Credit. (180 work hours required for three credits.)

Before applying for ANY position within KnightWork, the student must have a resume, reviewed and approved by ICS staff, uploaded into KnightWork.

  1. Student logs into KnightWork, with existing account information: username = Marian e-mail address; password = sent in prior e-mail, or click Forgot Password link to receive a new one.
  2. Student must complete profile in KnightWork. (Optional: Student may opt-In to the resume book to allow KnightWork employers to search student resumes. Students will still want to actively apply for internships; do not rely on resume book.)
  3. Click on Jobs/Marian Jobs tab.
  4. Click the drop down arrow in the Position Type box. Choose Internship. Click Search. Student may also perform a Keyword search (e.g. ICS internship, employer name, etc.).
  5. Click Apply for any position of interest. Student’s resume (previously uploaded and approved) will automatically attach. Follow any further applications instructions explicitly.
  6. Internship interview. Send a professional, hand-written Thank You note within 48 hours of the interview.
  7. If the employer wishes to make an offer to the student, the offer must occur within KnightWork. The employer logs into KnightWork, chooses the position, clicks on Applications, and clicks the Extend Offer button.
  8. The student then accepts the offer, again through KnightWork, by clicking on Applications and the Accept Offer button.
  9. Upon acceptance of an offer, a draft of the internship information form will appear immediately. Click the Edit Draft button and complete the form for the internship to be considered for approval. Click Save. The form is automatically submitted to the School of Liberal Arts for evaluation. You will receive notification that your internship request has been approved or denied. Click Save.
  10. Instructor Permission is required for enrollment in all internship courses in the School of Mathematics and Sciences. Permission is granted based on the internship description the student provides on the form in Step 9. If approval was granted in Step 9, bring a drop/add form to the office of the Jeff McClure, Marian Hall 203B, for a signature to add the course to your schedule.

Upon Completion of Internship

  1. Log into KnightWork and click Profile tab.
  2. Click View All in the Experiential Learning section. Click Review.
  3. Choose the Self Evaluation tab.
  4. Complete all fields and click the Save button when complete.
  5. Be sure to remind your employer to log into their account to complete your evaluation.

Internship with an Employer not Listed in KnightWork

The internship provider must register and post their position in KnightWork. Ask the employer to register by visiting KnightWork (marian-csm.symplicity.com/employers). Refer them to the ICS office careercntr@marian.edu or 317.955.6341 with any questions.

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Notice of Nondiscrimination
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