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First-Year Face-Off

First-Year Face-Off

The First Year Face-Off is a competition challenging each floor, community, and First Year Seminar class to get out and participate in campus events. Think of it like the Hogwarts house cup! The students and groups who score the most points in our new Suitable platform will earn prizes throughout the year.

How it Works

Students are able to earn points for their floor, community, and FYS class by participating in activities on campus and making progress toward the First Year Experience Badge in Suitable. You can access this through the Suitable app or Suitable website, and logging in with your Marian credentials.

Each month, we will reach out to the leaders at that time to send a prize their way!

2021-2022 Final Standings

Individual Floors & Communities

  1. Caito-Wagner 4 South (4 the Girls) 
  2. Caito-Wagner 2 South (Finding Dories)
  3. Caito-Wagner 4 West (Rays of Sunshine)
  4. Caito-Wagner 3 West (The Rodents)
  5. Commuters
  6. Caito-Wagner 2 West (Shining Knights)
  7. Doyle 2 East (2 East Beasts)
  8. Doyle 1 East (East Side Babes)
  9. Caito-Wagner 3 South (3 South Champs)
  10. Doyle 3 Main (3 Main Lovelies)
  11. Doyle 3 North

FYS Classes

  1. MM05 (Geisse) - 1,270 points
  2. MM06 (Paul) - 820 points
  3. MM04 (Gaviola) - 490 points
  4. MM02 (Balana Molter) - 360 points
  5. MM01 (Gasineau-Grimes) - 270 points
  6. MM21 (Slavkin) - 250 points
  7. MM13 (Goldfinger) - 240 points
  8. MM22 (Steege) - 90 points
  9. MM16 (Johnson) - 80 points
  10. MM10 (Solberger) - 50 points
  11. MM14 (Robison) - 40 points

2020-2021 Final Standings

  1. Doyle Hall 3 East (Avacadoods)
  2. Commuters
  3. Clare 2 East (East Siders)
  4. Doyle 3 North - Doyle Angels)
  5. Doyle 1 Main (One Main-iacs)

For more information

Tyler Paul
First Year Experience
(317) 955-6354

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