Notification will be delivered by campus and community tornado sirens and/or text message. DO NOT CALL CAMPUS POLICE.

Warning sirens will consist of long, continuous wails (example*) for several minutes.
All-clear siren will consist of three short bursts of the siren (example*).

Inside a building


Go to the designated shelter, interior hallway, or small room on the lowest level of the building you are in. Move below ground, if possible. Begin Shelter-In-Place.


Wait for all-clear signal before leaving safe area.


DO NOT open windows.
DO NOT stand or sit near windows and exterior doors. DO NOT attempt to turn utilities or equipment on or off.

After the all-clear, leave badly damaged buildings and DO NOT attempt to return to the building unless directed to do so by the campus police.

Outside a building


Seek a safe structure. If shelter is unavailable, lie flat in a ditch or low area.


Watch for downed power lines and call campus police 6789.
Wait for all-clear signal before leaving safe area.


DO NOT stay in your car.

*These sound clips are based off work originally recorded by Mike Koenig and are used under Creative Commons license 3.0.

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