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This section covers four types of evacuation: a building evacuation, campus evacuation, evacuation of disabled persons, and evacuation of large crowds.

Building Evacuation

Notification will be delivered by building coordinator, campus voice mail, campus e-mail, and/or text message.

Graphic warning sign IMMEDIATE ACTION
Leave the building and go to the following assembly areas:
  • If in Allison Mansion, go to the flagpole.
  • All other areas go to the fountain at the center of campus. 

Campus Evacuation

Notification will be delivered via building coordinators, campus voice mail, campus e-mail, text message, and/or information on the Marian University website.

Graphic warning sign IMMEDIATE ACTION
Follow instructions given by campus police or emergency personnel. They will direct you to campus staging areas.
Give priority to persons with disabilities and all emergency personnel.
DO NOT call campus police. DO NOT leave campus until evacuation instructions and routes are given.

Evacuation of Persons with Special Needs

NOTE: Individuals with special needs must inform the building coordinator, campus police, and immediate supervisor of the accommodations needed.

 IMMEDIATE ACTION Call campus police 6789. 
Inform police and emergency responders of the location of all persons who remain in a building.
Persons who require assistance to evacuate a building must be provided that assistance by those trained to do so, if possible. Protect those individuals in a safe place while awaiting rescue, normally inside a stairway entry. If there is smoke and fire on the floor preventing access to a stairwell.Persons requiring assistance should be placed in a room away from the area of greatest smoke or fire concentration.
DO NOT use the elevator with someone in a wheelchair unless directed to do so by the fire department.

Evacuation of Large Crowds

Notification will be delivered by Lake Sullivan Sports Complex, P.E. Center, or St. Vincent Field (stadium) public address system, and/or bullhorns.

 IMMEDIATE ACTION Follow the instructions given by the public address announcer. Crowd management personnel will be stationed at the entrances and exits to direct and assist the patrons in evacuating and will have radio contact with campus police.
 DO Assist crowd management personnel with patrons with disabilities who may require assistance in evacuating. If they cannot be evacuated, relocate them immediately to an area where they will not block exits. Maintain egress paths and exits.
DO NOT call campus police. DO NOT re-enter Lake Sullivan Sports Complex, P.E. Center, or St. Vincent Field.

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