Peer Tutoring Center
Clare Hall, Room 119

Marian University's peer tutoring program is a free resource and service offered through the Office of Academic Engagement. Our goal is to help you develop confidence and the skills necessary to be successful at the university level.

The Peer Tutor Center is located in Clare Hall room 119. Tutoring is provided on a one-to-one bases or in small groups. Individual tutoring sessions can take place in study lounges, the library, residence hall lounges, Alumni Hall, or the Evans Center. Open tutoring times are also available and take place in the Peer Tutor Center.

Services are offered for most entry-level courses and some upper-level courses.

Tutoring by appointment

Need a tutor? It's a free resource available to Marian University students!

All of our tutors have been hand-selected by Marian University faculty members. Only students who have displayed success in the classroom, possess well-developed communication skills, and share an enthusiasm for helping others are chosen as peer tutors. After being selected, tutors participate in a training program to develop their skills as peer leaders.

Tutoring is available for most entry-level courses, and many upper level courses. Please note that we may be unable to guarantee that a tutor can be found for every courses offered at the university.


Walk-in tutoring

Students studying in Peer Tutor CenterWalk-In Tutoring takes place in the Peer Tutor Center, which is Clare Hall 119.

When you attend sessions during walk-in tutoring, please make sure you bring all class materials with you. This would include text books, assignment descriptions, syllabus, paper, and writing utensils. Bring your calculator if needed for the course.

Open hours for the Peer Tutor Center begin the third week of the semester. The center follows the university calendar and is closed during all-campus masses and university holidays. The Peer Tutor Center closes at 4:30 p.m. on Reading Day and remains closed during final exams.

Access the Walk-In Tutoring schedule: Academic Services - SPRING 2017


Tips to ensure your peer tutoring experience is great

  • Bring all of your materials to the tutoring session (e.g., syllabus, textbook, lecture notes, assignments, problems, lab books, paper drafts, past tests, etc.). This will help the tutor know exactly what you are doing in class and help set reasonable goals for the session.

  • Do the assigned reading and homework before the session. When you prepare for the tutoring session, write down specific questions you have or concepts you want to discuss with your tutor.

  • Ask the tutor to explain not only specific or difficult concepts, but also share study and learning strategies. Your tutor has successfully completed the course and has been recommended by a Marian University faculty member. They know what it takes to be successful in the course!

  • Do not be afraid to stop the tutor if they are going too fast or telling you too much information at once. Remember, the tutor is there to help you. Never hesitate to ask for clarification. It's ok to say, “I still don’t get it, let’s do it again.”

  • Review the material on your own soon after the session. While tutoring can be a valuable academic resource, it still requires you to attend class and study the material on your own.

  • Talk with other students and consider participating in a study group.

  • Tutors are available to help you, but do not expect the tutor to do your work for you. Tutors will not help with take-home exams. Likewise, tutors will not do your homework for you.

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Peer Tutoring Center
Clare Hall, Room 119

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