Crossroads: Christ's Footprints in Nicaragua

by Adam Setmeyer | Apr 24, 2014

By: Dakota Bullock and Sharisse Yoder

As Christians, we are called to follow in Christ’s footsteps and serve others, especially those that are different than us. March 8-15, 14 of us at Marian University had the privilege of opening our hearts and creating meaningful relationships with several individuals in San Marcos, Nicaragua.

The 14 of us teamed up with Amigos For Christ and ventured outside of our comfort zone; we became “comfortable with being uncomfortable.” We used what little Spanish speaking skills we obtained and worked alongside the members of the San Marcos community in their new water system project. Our jobs consisted of using a pick axe and shovel to manually dig trenches for water pipes. This water system is going to provide fresh, clean water for the community that is currently walking miles to the river to gather unclean water for cooking, cleaning, drinking, and bathing.  As one might imagine, this is a big project for them and they are truly invested in the process as they provide 100 percent of the labor and 10 percent of the cost. They were extremely thankful for our willingness to help them in this investment. While there may have been a language barrier, there was not a communication barrier. You could see their gratitude toward us in their gestures, their eyes, and their smiles. We may not have communicated much with our words, but our souls made a lasting connection of servitude and gratitude.

This week spent in Nicaragua was life-changing. We were exposed to living simply with compassion toward everyone and anyone. The pure joy and love that radiated out of the individuals in Nicaragua, individuals that according to America’s society has nothing, has touched our souls and has provided a deep sense of happiness throughout us. We can only hope to carry the love and compassion shown to us on to our everyday life and encounters with all those that cross our paths.

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