Alternative Break Update: Nicaragua #4

by Adam Setmeyer | Mar 14, 2014

Hola Family, Friends, and Loved Ones! 

Today was nothing short of awesome. We started off the day a little earlier than usual (6 a.m.!) with breakfast and chores. We wanted to get to San Marcos as soon as we could in order to work along side the community. Once we were at San Marcos, we immediately jumped in with the community and continued our work from yesterday. Just after lunch, we were able to lay down 200 yards of pipe in the trenches. They are so close to being able to get water and it's really exciting for everyone involved! The amigos staff told us that the main line of the trench and water pipe will be complete by the end of this week or the next. The community won't actually get water for a few more months, as the water line needs to be extended to each individual house, but that's work for the skilled laborers to do. The end of part of the water system construction is almost complete! 

Two of our participants were able to serve with the Construction Healthy Kitchen Team. This was a huge blessing. We installed a kitchen counter out of brick and tile. The family was made of a mother, father who is a cab driver, and three children: a daughter and two sons. They were gracious, sharing their fresh avacados and water with us. We were able to play a simple game of soccer and balloon toss in their dirt-filled yard. The children's joy was radiant! The four Amigos staff that we worked alongside of were hilarious and kept us entertained with fun conversation all day long. No words can express our love for this day and the emotions felt as we drove off to see the little girl crying because she wasn't going to see her "amiga mejor" (best friend) again. Just like in the community of San Marcos, Christ's love was made visible to us through the people we met. 

Once we returned to the amigos home site we had our devotional reflection. Throughout the day we focused on making our work meaningful, so tonight we shared some of our experiences with the community of San Marcos. In small groups we talked about some of the sacrifices that the families have made in order to succeed in their water project. We also talked about the difference between working along side the community instead of going in and finishing the job in a shorter amount of time with big machinery. It is very moving to see the community work so hard every day because it will mean so much more to them in the end. 

We are all having a great time and we are truly appeciative of all the comforts that we experience at home. It has been very fulfilling to get to know the people of the community and although we are warn out, the hard work has really been inspiring to us.  

Love and God Bless, 

Kelsea, Elizabeth, Rachel, and the whole ASB Nigaragua Family

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